Spider Cat!




How can he sit down with balls that big?

Honestly, just watch it. It’s really really incredible.

Speed Solo Record (must watch)

This just brought what the fuck?! to a whole new level.

Seriously, I have nothing but respect for that guy. Less than 3 hours.

fyi, that mountain is 3,970m (13,025ft)


Grinding the crack

Yeah yeah I know, I know what you’re thinking when you saw the title.

Yes I thought of the same thing too.

It made sense when you watch the video. But you know, grinding  the crack is a riiiidiculous way of putting it. Still, I applaud them for their uniqueness and ballsiness to make this crazzy video.


Hop Dancing

holy shit is that dancing or wrestling? Cause I just saw a few high level grapple moves. Either way, this is a MUST WATCH.


Balls of steel

No I will never do that.

And yes, what the fuck?! 


Back to AHS again!

Yes soccer again, but the difference this time is.

Today is ridiculously tiring, and I’ve got a lot more pictures for you guys to enjoy.


It started fine and sunny. (sunny in the sense of TOO MUCH SUN)

Okay first off, who the fuck plays 5 goals per game, and best of 5 games. What the fuck. Minimum 15 goals in order to win the game. We played from 3+ till 7. I swear everyone died playing that crazy game. I gave up about half way cause well… I can’t do shit like that!

I still stayed in the game and just jog / pass the ball around.

But of course, what’s the point of saying these things, the important stuff is the pictures! And I have quite a few awesome ones. Let’s start with this!

2011-08-21 18.16.44

Then I decided to go to the enter and take one as well

2011-08-21 18.17.48

2011-08-21 18.18.16

We played and played, all the way till evening. (and we still didn’t finish the whole game)


2011-08-21 19.11.37

It was fun I guess. but way waaayyy too tiring for a normal person. The sun totally pwned us today. I’m pretty sure I became quite a bit darker =/

Anyway, I shall end this post with the image I’m most proud of (:

2011-08-21 18.17.31

p.s It’s all taken with my SGS