Clean your laptop regularly


Yeah I know, the amount of stuffs I have pinned to my taskbar doesn’t really make it minimal but I use them really frequently so.. it’s better than having it strewn all over the desktop!

I also removed the “I just rest before I’m lazy” from the laptop cover

2011-08-27 21.24.44

Because well, it makes it look nicer without it blocking the VAIO. And I’m pretty much sick of it so yeah. I had planned to take a picture of all my cleaning stuffs but it’s too much of a pain.

You need some kind of a cleaning solution, a normal cloth, and a micro fibre cloth. I also use my vacuum cleaner. Cause, things get stuck between and under your keys, which is impossible to wipe out. (unless you dismantle everything)

Warning, don’t vacuum the places where there’s fans (like the vent or smth). Cause making the fan spin faster than it should will spoil it. Unless you’re really careful and use a brush of some sort, don’t try it. Well, keeping your computer clean will rid it off stupid problems, and it just makes me feel better when it’s all clean and shiny.

p.s. I feel like removing I’M NOT LAZY. Sometime soon perhaps?

Desktop, 24th May 2011


Oh, I almost forgot to do this.

Well, I’ve changed my wallpaper many times before this. But I finally settled into this totally white and simplistic look.

And since I haven’t figured out how to take a screenshot from the login page. I’m forced to use my phone to take a picture. 2011-05-24 21.28.50

Also, does anyone know a fast, reliable, and most importantly, WIRELESS way of transferring stuffs between your computer and android phone?

It’s a pain in the ass to plug in and out. And the other options I’ve explored are either too slow. Or not very… stable. Answers please!

I need to do something useful

Hi, this is not mac. It’s just skinned linux (ubuntu). I guess i’m really bored. Really need to go and learn some new things. But meh. It’s pretty cool. Customizations FTW.

Ok back to windows.

Insomnia, ok kind of.

So it’s been some time since I had a post filed under the category of insomnia. Not that I can’t fall asleep right now. I’m pretty sure I can sleep if I bothered closing my eyes for long enough. But I just don’t feel like it yet! It kinda feels like holidays even though I’m in the midst of my exams lol.


So anyway, this vienn diagram is constructed by using google auto complete. (by some really bored guy of course. Not me)

Watching doctor who really makes me think a lot about everything around me. Not exactly in a good or a bad way. Just wondering about all the possibilities. I wish I can find someone to share this “passion” with me!

Read to the end.

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Desktop 150111

A refresh of the boring desktop!


Login page. Picture taken by phone. Too troublesome to find a way to get an SS from the com itself. Yes I did the background. Of course the hand thing is taken from somewhere else.blahblah

Desktop, with my life slogan.



There’s something really funny I saw (comment). But it wouldn’t make sense without the picture. The picture… Isn’t bad, it’s just not EXACTLY SFW. So yeah. Click on to see it!

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Hard at work


I’m really work hard right now! But I got kinda bored. Maybe I should go customize my desktop again when I’m done. Yawns. Doing powerpoint is so boring.

Desktop 161210


Well. It’s kinda self explanatory.

But erm. This is like a second account on my com. Dedicated for web. Hence the 5 browsers. Nothing much really. I merely created it to like, stop me from side tracking when doing more important work. Like, researching for stuffs… Doing my powerpoint or things like that.

Oh in case you’re wondering what’s the 5. It is as follows (from left to right respectively)

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer


Well, I didn’t have Safari because I don’t like the Bonjour service running and stuffs like that. But yeah, I only use chrome anyway. No idea why I installed all those. (Guess it’s just to fit the theme of web)