K-ON! Akiyama Mio

Mio Crop

A quick sketch before I head off to skates!

Time taken about 20~30mins. Uh… yeah I’m pretty lazy to do a proper drawing these days. Man, I want my tablet.


Natusu Crop

Natsu from Fairy Tail!

Um, about 15mins. In 4B only. Then added the color in photoshop. Not much of a reason, just thinks that it looks better than just black and white. So tadah!

I need to draw more often hmm.

Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – Ryoko Okami

Ryoko Okami Crop 2


About 6 hours plus spanning over 2 days.

Yep, my first attempt to colour everything! Please leave comments to let me know how well (or bad) I’m doing.

Also, since a few of my friends liked the idea of the drawing process, I’m going to post the steps.

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Ao no exorcist: Okumura Rin

Okumura Rin Crop

Well…. I got lazy when I was starting on his clothes and all.

So.. Screw it. Maybe I’ll do his clothes some other day. Gah. Tablet ):

Bleach: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez CT Crop

so uh, I got lazy and decided not to add in more details. Then I decided to colour over the line shadings using photoshop. And I realized, gosh it looks frickin awesome.

Man I’m seriously considering getting a tablet. I swear I can draw much much much more awesome stuffs. ( since I can change and edit easily. and it’s not considered cheating ). So. Garh. Really tempted.

This took roughly 2~3hours in total I think?

Bleach: Urahara Kisuke

Urahara Kisuke Crop

Half way through I was like, Argh, fuck the details in the hair and just made it totally black. But man, I really love the effect makers give.

Okay in case any one is wondering, that’s not how it looks like in real life. I smoothened out the.. lines that markers make you know? Since I’m using whiteboard marker it isn’t really the best marker I can use. I should probably get some better ones some day. So yeah. Just being fair lol.

Death Note: L Lawliet

L Lawliet Crop

So… this was a quick sketch that I did yesterday of L. I wonder who’s next in the list for me to practice on hmm.

Anyhow, gone are all my ideas of studying before school starts. Screw that train of thought.