Everything finished


All the projects and presentations are done. Left with 1 more lab test on wednesday and it’s exams next week. !@#$%^&*(

The worst part is that we’re still learning new things. I mean, this is supposed to be revision. What the fuck man! So anyway, here’s a picture to commemorate the end of the bullshit.


So…. Think I’m gonna skip school tomorrow to study at home. (it’s KIND OF the study week anyway, probably no attendance taken)

Gonna take a short break and will be back with all the retarded videos ^^


This sucks, cause I’ve got a fever, and on the last day of the year, it’s probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. But heck I’m still going out to fuck around anyways.

So apparently, I can’t think well enough to write my new year’s resolution. So.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write out all the shit. (possibly the longest post ever) Well, next year.

For all the people that have been reading my blog for 2010, thanks for coming over here so regularly! It brings me joy that people enjoy viewing what I post.

So yep! I’ll be back next year! Till then!

And oh, for the sake of it.

Good bye 2010.

Thanks for all the fucked up shit.
Thanks for all the laughter.
Thanks for all the anger.
Thanks for all the enlightenment.
Thanks for all the coincidence.
Thanks for all the friends.