Who’s afraid of Mr. Greedy?

Well, I don’t really get the point of this, but it’s a pretty good animations.

I find myself fascinated by gore recently.

Changed theme, again.


If you’re like, fans of the previous theme and is currently cursing at the screen for me changing the theme then well..

Sucks to be you.

HAHAHAHAHA. Okay honestly though, I like this better cause it looks, slightly more professional. And by professional, I meant wordy. And by wordy I meant that it has better typography, to me at least. But mainly because I’m bored of it.

I’m still trying to include more words in my posts.

I’m pretty happy right now because lo and behold! I broke the 20k visitors! In about 11 months!


Well, not really that amazing but the part that makes me smile comes from here.


Since I’m not really blogging for the sake of visitors. This small little achievement simply turns my frown upside down!

Though, I have to mention something though, people seem to find my blog in the most unusual ways. So much so that it’s so fascinating that I HAVE to share this with you guys. I mean, I know that the internet is screwed up. But, how the heck did it turn out like this?

I’ll make the interesting search terms red.

Search Views
reverse rape 39
homer 21
fight for love 19
funny harry potter jokes 18
30-sai no hoken taiiku 14
anime kisses 12
fighting for love 12
funny harry potter 12
victorique 11
best looking laptop 10
funny harry potter pictures 10
seba fr1 2011 10
okumura rin 9
tired 8
samsung galaxy s 8
condom 8
the hangover 2 7
kore wa zombie desu ka haruna 7
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kanade tachibana 7
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star driver quotes 7
anime shock 6
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dragon crisis rose 6
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ciel phantomhive 6
intel inside idiot outside 5
30 sai no hoken taiiku 5
lawliet 5
b__by_aoao2-d3iypuw 5
computer idiots 5
weird shirts 5
kira yamato 5
tumblr style 5
disney castle gif 4
best looking laptop 2011 4
urahara kisuke 4
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the money of soul and possibility control 4
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hilarious weird 4
drawing superman 4
misaki neko 4
fuck this life wallpaper 3
gosick victorique 3
ulquiorra cifer 3
voldemort better than vader 3
break up tumblr 3
despicable me tumblr 3
radiation funny 3
birthday fuck yeah 3
galaxy s1 3
hollow man ichigo 3
hangover 2 3
ashita boku wa kimi ni ai ni yuku lyrics 3
barney quotes from how i met your mother 3
ytso 2011 live screening 3
lorong halus wetland map 3
advertisements 3
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palm grip mouse 3
barney stinson quotes 3
facebook harry potter 3
sexy tempered boob 3
old school linux distro 3
weird t-shirts 3
animes awesome 3
weird sexy 3
lorong halus 3
idiot inside 3

Data taken from the past 30days. (I excluded results with less than 2 views)

I mean, yeah, I do search for some pretty retarded stuffs sometimes but come on, this kind of searches are just, wtf. Especially with the reverse rape. It’s constantly being searched by other people. Why the fuck are you searching for things like that?!

And these are the more popular search results. The remaining ones are, just plain awkward.

pervert energy
lelouch fuck this shit
gay priest funny
i blame this idiot
rape anime
is iris online boring
سامسونج جلكسي

YES. Someone searched my blog in Tamil, or whatever language that is. So well, yeah, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with these people but hey. You totally make my day when I see stats like these man.

Oh well, I’ll do posts like these from time to time. Because, as a teen, it is very fascinating to see how screwed up the people in the world is. For my own entertainment and hopefully yours (:

Contact Juggling

Yeah you’ve seen the balls, but have you seen hoops?

Now that’s cool.

On the side note, I’m feeling really lazy today. Pretty much slept the entire day away.

How to dial a phone

If you feel like you can’t keep up with current technology, see how hard it was to explain how to use a phone to the people in 1954.

It can’t be helped for this lengthy video since it’s a new technology. And, they had no idea how the heck you’re supposed to use the phone. But it is very interesting to see how far we’ve come in just 57 years.

I don’t know why they call zero, O. Maybe they think that people will get confused with zero number and decided to call it a letter instead?

Still, this really changes my perspective on things. I guess I can’t blame my mum for not knowing how to use the computer properly. And I guess I can’t blame some of my friends for being such idiots with technology.

But these are steps that we have to take in order to advance into the future!

I love technology (:

One question.

What is your biggest regret in life?

I.. really like this short film. You can literally see it in their eyes. Their emotions and regrets swirling as they think about it.

I don’t want to grow up and think about the things I regretted not doing. I don’t want to grow up thinking about the things I regretted doing.  Again, it’s not something simple to achieve. But I really wish that I will be one of the lucky few that wouldn’t dwell on the things I should’ve or shouldn’t have done.

When, I see the look of the face of the elder people saying things they regret, it, strikes my heart somehow.

Well, even though we all have our regrets, after watching the video, I guess, we all learn to live with it. Every single regret is just guiding us towards the ability to cherish every single moment we have. Ah, so much uncertainty in life.

Because it’s Friday

Okay, 3 awesome things.

First one, the skates (which I have already mentioned on this post)

Second, I mentioned that I bowled on Friday?

2011-05-06 13.47.42

Managed to get two turkeys that day! Didn’t take picture of the other score though.

I can’t wait to play again. Since I finally KIND OF corrected myself. Though when the pros are around, it’s kind of demoralising in a certain sense. There was this guy that got 245 that day. Other than 3 spares, the rest are strikes. What the heck man.

The third thing!

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Tick Tock – Short Film

This. Is some deep shit man. But it does make me rethink about what’s important in life.


Click past the break if you don’t understand.

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