Trompe L’oeil


The final cut of my thesis film.

A business inspector is sent to inspect an old theatre. When he arrives on location, there’s no theatre, only an empty lot with a charismatic mime who is looking to perform for him. The mime now has to perform various theatre positions, in order to convince the inspector that his “theatre” is up to code, and indeed real.

If you enjoy the film, please download a copy for yourself and a friend! It could use some exposure. 🙂

-by Tyson James Dale


How to shave your head

That’s… Pure genius. And seems 1 step away from a prank.

Phone user’s perspective



forgot where I got this from but it’s damn true.

Holyshit Otaku



Apparently I have classmates who watch anime too. And created a group on facebook. Since they made a list of the animes they’ve watched. I decided that I should too.

And… The list is. What the fuck.

221 in total

Including the ones I’m currently watching.

If this isn’t proof that I’m an otaku, I don’t know what is.

Click pass the break to see the full list.

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I’m superman

Okay, I can’t write so long in twitter so here goes.

Just now, on my way home. I fell asleep on the train. So when I woke up I was at the stop with the doors open already. (I’m listening to songs on my phone) So I quickly jumped out of my seat, grabbed my laptop and made a dash for the door.

Just as I exit the door and I was all like “whew i made it~” I dropped my phone INSIDE of the train, right at the door (almost dropping into the pits of hell). So as I squatted down, I heard the announcement “Doors closing…” I’m like HOLYFUCK, I made a swipe for my phone and did a jump backwards.


I am superman.

IBM Centennial Film: The best video you’ll ever watch

You have to watch this. Whatever you’re doing, just stop and watch this. It made me tear a little.

Seriously, I hope that everyone, after watching this, will realize how amazing humans/technology is. And it’ll probably answer this question, “Why do you like computers so much?”. Also, there’s a quote that I really like.

All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think.

Thomas J. Watson


Also, click on to see who are the people who actually shaped to the world we see right now.

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Be Stupid, it’s good.

It’s a banned advertisement for portraying a strong unexpected image of femininity. But whatever, i think it’s cool.

Click on the see more!

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