Feeling noob

This would be something like a tweet, but since twiter can’t handle so many characters, it’s going to my blog. I feel like a noob. Sigh. A rather huge failure as a geek. I suddenly realized that I actually do not know how to do UNIX line commands.

I was thinking about picking up on it. But I realized that exams are coming and I SHOULDN”T waste my time on such things.

Just a little history, I fucked up my sec 1 and a little sec 2 because I was obsessed with HTML, XHTML, CSS, and a little bit of javascripting. Which lead to a little too much time spent in studying DHTML.

HTMLHyperText Markup Language
XHTMLeXtensible HyperText Markup Language
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
DHTMLDynamic HTML (which isn’t really officially a term i guess, since it’s just combining jscipt with html) Read the rest of this entry »