Okay, so here’s the story.

My friend R went to withdraw money from the ATM yesterday cause he ran out of money. And since we’re so used to pressing the buttons, he just selected as per usual without really looking at the screen.

And for some reason, the transaction took longer than usual.

“It was then that he realized something was wrong.”

Apparently, instead of pressing on cash withdrawer (so that he can choose the amount), he pressed on a

1000 BUCKS

2011-08-19 22.27.45

It was a HOLYSHIT?!?! moment for him. And apparently there wasn’t any cash deposit machines nearby, so he carried a thousand bucks in his wallet in fear for the rest of the day. It was so fat that he couldn’t close his wallet properly LOL.

2011-08-19 22.29.32

It’s not often that we get to see $1,000 in cash very often so we played around with it 😀

2011-08-19 22.30.25

So yeah, that’s the story of a thousand bucks. Now to a random picture that I took while we were shopping for drinks 😀

2011-08-19 19.32.05

“From Flat to Fabulous in Seconds!”

Well, you all know what I’m thinking about ^^

p.s. studying and drinking doesn’t go well with each other.

2011-08-19 21.02.00


I have a life

Well, not too much, but at least it’s not like I sit at home everyday to blog. So anyway, I woke up this morning, 630am.

Then I decided to skip school, because I’m tired. I thought to myself. Is today’s lesson worth getting up, feeling all tired and groggy, to go to? Is it worth making myself feel like shit just for the sake of attendance? Nope, and nope.

So well, fuck it.

And then I woke up later again at 10am+. I noticed the strange lighting around my room, so I got up to take a look outside my window.


Huh? Did someone fiddle with my clock or something. This is definitely not how 10am looks like in Singapore.

I took a look at my phone, and for the weather, it actually says Fog (rather than Cloudy that is has been showing for the past week). As far as I can tell, that’s not a fucking fog. It’s just looks like we’re going to get some torrential downpour.

Really tired to write anything more so I’m going to sum up everything for the sake of it.

Went out, had lunch, went over to C’s house, played basketball, ate Tau Huay and prata and Mac’s for dinner.

Wednesday, skipped GEMs, played pool, skate, S fell down, reached home at 12.

Thurs, nothing happened. Lifeless.

That’s about it! Now I should probably get some sleep so that I can get some work done tomorrow. Sigh, what a life students have.

Fridays are awesome


Didn’t blog yesterday again. Sigh. Getting lazy. That, and that I’m getting quite tired these days. Went to swim! I felt so many parts of my muscles that I usually don’t feel. (and I’m still feeling them right now, bloody aches)

Had dinner at Simpang after that. And honestly, I didn’t knew that they served such great food. A little ex for poor students like us but pretty worth it i would say!

2011-07-08 20.32

Look at the amount of food we had!

BBQ Stingray, fried tofu, half a roasted chicken, tom yam soup, sambal kang kong. All that for 5 of us. We stuffs ourselves like crazy haha I don’t know if it’s really that awesome or that after swimming we’re all damn frickin hungry.

Either way it’s damn awesome, and I wouldn’t mind going to eat it again.

That, and that I finally got back all of my results! Could be better but not that bad for now.
1C, 2B, 3A

So yeah, probably should try a little harder.

Also, random, my friend showed me his ticket, and I never knew that cinemas offered such tickets. I mean, it’s not bought normally, got from his mum through idk what channels, but man, what the heck?


Because it’s Friday

Okay, 3 awesome things.

First one, the skates (which I have already mentioned on this post)

Second, I mentioned that I bowled on Friday?

2011-05-06 13.47.42

Managed to get two turkeys that day! Didn’t take picture of the other score though.

I can’t wait to play again. Since I finally KIND OF corrected myself. Though when the pros are around, it’s kind of demoralising in a certain sense. There was this guy that got 245 that day. Other than 3 spares, the rest are strikes. What the heck man.

The third thing!

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Kids react to rebecca black

This is funny.

On the side note, I’m in love with that 14 year old. Oh no. Pedo-bear is on the hunt.

While STM hasn’t kicked in…

Alright bowling once again.


I am WTF.

The score isn’t that impressive, it’s that I can finally SORT OF control the ball! Look at frame 2~7! Then I kinda got tired or something.

So uh. This is probably gonna be long. Hopefully this picture interest you.


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