Really tired


I’m tired as hell right now.

fuck school!


I fucked myself

Alright I have 10mins to do this before I go to school.

So I was supposed to submit a form about my year 2 electives and it’s kind of my majors. So… Thing is I forgot. They’ve given us 3 days to think about something that would happen roughly 6months later…

I know that it’s kind of my fault for forgetting about it… but heck. I feel damn screwed either way. Of course, I know that if they are logical about it they wouldn’t just kick me out of the school. Still, there’s this unsettling feeling I get due to the possibility of such shit happening.

I guess I’ve learnt something rather important. That is…


(wow I wrote this in 2mins)



Just an image I took the other day at The Cathay. Kinda surprised by the image quality. Guess there really is quite a it of light :O

Well, I’m currently just stuck in school with nothing much do for 1.5hours! So I thought, what other interesting thing can I do (without draining my laptop battery), other than blogging?

Though I don’t really have a lot of things to say. It’s much better than stoning and staring in the distant scenery. So why didn’t I just find a place where there’s tables and chairs to chill out, yet instead we’re camping at the staircase like a bunch of hobos?

Well, it’s rather easy to figure out.


So yeah, it’s kinda annoying. Ah screw it I’m just going to play music and sing like an idiot.

This is a trend.

You know, I really should be sleeping. Yet my mind’s running wild. Not in a weird way. But just thinking about a lot of random things.

A few thoughts which is “dang I knew it”

And a few which are “shit shouldn’t have done it”

But mostly “ah fuck it”

As quoted from a comedian,

What keeps us together isn’t love or shit like that, it’s the attitude of “fuck it”. You hate me?
“ah… fuck it”

So I guess I’ve finally got the right attitude towards life.Fuck it.

I realized that stand up comedies are funny because they point out little facts of life that we miss. All the stupid things we do. Making us feel stupid. That’s what comedians do. And they do a fabulous job at it. For life’s a big joke anyway.

Anyway, I’ve been writing up articles about paradox over at orgsamically. Check out and comment!

I realized that I’ve been going against some of my principles these days. That’s just stupid, they exist for a reason right? Okay I’m feeling a little. Restless. time to end this with a video.