Let’s climb the damn hill


“I climbed the Bukit Timah Hill,
because I can.”

First things first, it was steeper than I thought. There wasn’t really any picture I took that could convey how steep it was except for this.


Went with Z to test out my camera and he was just… practicing his skills I guess. Though I feel a little stupid holding a compact next to a DSLR. But that also means that I can take shots like this way easier than he could ^^

Honestly, this is a really boring place and there isn’t a lot of things that I could take picture of. I could, of course, keep taking shots like this.


But I find it really pointless to go around taking pictures of rocks and leaves. Our only saving grace at that time is.



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Insomnia, trip.

Well, it’s 1:23am right now. Which mean it’s been 1hour & 23mins since I tried to sleep.

So well, since I couldn’t, I might as well be doing something that would help me sleep. So here I am.

The main reason as to why I’m here is simple.

“I’m planning to tour Singapore, taking pictures/blog. Anyone interested to join me? Probably after Christmas & before New Years.”

Well. Tell me asap? And if there isn’t anyone I guess that’s okay too. Kind of a romantic idea to just, you know, do this kinda thing.

So yeah! Just kinda throwing it out here and seeing who’ll take it.

And with that I just probably ran out of things that I wanted to say that wouldn’t take too much effort… so.. well… I await the responses! (if there’s any)

Healthy lifestyle!

Friday – Basketball
Saturday – Soccer
Sunday – Cycling

I’m definitely keeping fit man. Maybe never get stronger but at least I’m functioning well! So didn’t take pictures on fri/sat since there isn’t really anything much to take.

Went ECP with Y to cycle and talk shit~  Spontaneous ftw (Y)

Something unexpected happened though.


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