Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Oh wow, I’m just speechless when I saw this guitar rendition of it. It’s pretty darn godly.

I usually don’t embed two videos in a post but I’m going to make an exception and put 3. Because it’s so awesome.

I think this guy is… cooler.


edit: okay apparently they don’t let me embed it but you should still watch it.

Continue on for the original video!

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If you haven’t watched Numbnuts, you should

Not the most painful forfeit, but, one of the most ridiculous challenge.

I like how everything just goes back and forth. Anyway, enjoy (:


LMFAO – Sexy and I know it [NSFW]

It’s not that I really like the music. But the video is… what’s the word for it..


Just take a look and keep an open mind. Or just skip to 2:11 for the best part.


Why would you do that?!



JG Wentworth Spoof


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How to make an excuse for being late

I feel gill tea for teaching soft toy guys these stuffs. But it’s fine cause

emosewa m’i


Windows XP is getting older

Rusty Windows XP

[via 9GAG]

Here’s a few articles that proved to be a good read. (note: geeky)


[via technet]

It’s a pretty good article that shows us how crafty some hackers are. I mean, like really, well hidden (but in your face) kind of attacks.


And um, this video from Jalopnik. The video in question is this,

Which is cool and everything, but, really, click on the link and look at the comments. It’s way, waaaaay better. In fact, do it. I guarantee laughter. (note: nsfw)

Last but not least, the combination of Mario and Portals

Honestly, if this game out I’ll definitely get it. It’s so damn bloody cool!! (okay now give me sometime to change those links into videos)