What a pain in the ass

So… I haven’t blog for quite many hours. For a few reasons.

First, I reached home late after skating so I was too tired to write anything. Then there was this part about me testing out Windows 8. More on that in a bit. But the main thing is that I fucked up really badly, and had to restore my laptop back to factory settings, and I spent practically the rest of the day updating my entire system back.

The good thing is that I had a spare brand new 750GB external hard drive lying around, so I managed to back up all my data (screw the settings)

So when things go as planned (when you’re restoring) it feels good because well,

“the feeling that a backup plan saved your ass
is a really good feeling.”

Though, the first time I restore, I accidentally closed the lid sent it into a standby mode which screwed it up and I had to do it again. So one of the few programs (that is big), that I initially downloaded is

(71.4%) 1.8 minutes remain_2011-09-15_18-54-06

Now, when you’re able to download something at 2.2mbps, it gives you a good feeling. Though it’s no where near fibre optic speeds but well, I’m pretty happy with it.

Now, back to Windows 8. Um, it’s the developer preview. You can download the ISO at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516

But be warned,

it’s a really really early build. Like alpha state. (that’s why it’s called the developer preview) And.. To be brutally honest, it’s one shitty piece of shit.

I generally haven’t encountered any bugs that is… unmanageable. But the so called re-designed UI is, really confusing as fuck. You might have seen the videos and see how cool it is to see how things switch here and there and here and there. But it’s just, really really annoying to me. I do not enjoy using it at all.

And since I did the installation wrongly, I ended up losing my W7 partition, and well you know the rest. So um, be warned that if you want to try it. Make sure that you know how to do a dual-boot and partitioning by yourself. Or else things would get really really really bad. Or just try it on some spare PC that you have lying around. (The minimum specs is lower than W7)

Anyway, here’s a 8minute video that Lifehacker has sort of edited out from the keynote that gives you a general idea on how Windows 8 works

Okay, first, I really really hate it. But then again, this is an Alpha build. The end product could look totally different. But what I can say is that Microsoft, this is the wrong way to integrate tablet into desktop.

HOWEVER, I HAVE to add on. That it is wonderfully done for such an early build. The system is responsive to all interactions. Even more than windows 7. I think that the redesigned kernel is marvellous. In fact, this is the first time that I love everything that’s under the hood but nothing on the surface, as I generally do not like the redesigned windows explorer as well.

So to a normal user, I don’t know how you will react to Windows 8. But I think the the core fundamentals of the Windows 8 operating system is really well done. They implemented system wide hardware acceleration, low power state, kernel hibernation, HTML5 native apps.

Well, I shan’t be too geeky over here. Just search online for more details if you’re interested. They’ll do a much better job of explaining than I could. For now, I’ll get back to finish tweaking my system.

Companies explained in graphs



It’s really damn funny if you get it. If you don’t then… too bad you’re not geeky enough!

So yeah, currently at school. Bored as hell and planning to skip the next lesson. I should, I probably should. But I won’t, cause I’m awesome like that.

31 Jokes for Nerds

Okay, after watching this. I realized. Shit, I’m a nerd.

It’s funny. Seriously, funny as fucking hell. If you get it of course. I’ll list down a few that’s a little harder than normal. The rest.. Well, if you went to school you should understand.


Argon is a noble gas. It has a stable octet configuration, hence it does not react with other stuffs. Therefore, “Argon does not react” LOL.


The Large Hadron collider is a massive science experiment to find new particles. He used the similar sounding word “Hard-on” which means an erection basically.


Electronegativity gives me a permanent dipole. In this case he’s just using the direct pun of the word “pole” LOL.


Eunichs(eunuch) is castrated man.
Unix is a type of computer system.


Neutrino.. Is a base of a particle. It has no mass, so it passes through us all the time with no effect. Hence the pun of penetration. LOL.


Fluorine. You’ll get it if you do chemistry.


Higgs Boson particle. It’s considered as the sacred particle because it’s the particle that gives everything their mass. So.. Yeah, the pun with church masses LOL.


Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty. It’s.. go read up on it, it’s too long for me to write out here.


Schrödinger’s cat. Again, read up on it. Too long for me to say.

As such, I feel ridiculously smart having understood all the jokes. Ah. good times.

Geek tips: Always backup

Well, I just made a cup of coffee, at… 1:30AM. So I thought, let’s get back to my roots and write something related to computers. So, when it comes to hard drives,

Failure is not an option.

Of course in the case of my grades failure is always an option, I should probably work harder. So anyway, there was this international backup day but I didn’t bother to write a proper post about it. But I did read a heck lot of websites that give you rather, good ways of backing up. I’m just going to pick and choose the few that I think is more practical.

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Nerds/Geeks explained


We’re just more logical than you.

Because I can

Okay. I’m feeling giddy and all. But I’ve done something fun and useless yet again.

At the moment, I’m running linux (ubuntu) from my Windows 7 partition (thanks to wubi), and then emulating the Windows 7 environment again through virtualbox within Linux. What’s the point?

It’s fast. It feels fast at the very least. Booting into linux takes half the time, booting into windows within linux is friggin fast too. Honestly, if not for school, I would definitely do this cause it makes things easier in a sense. Then again. It’s too bad.

But well, it’s been so long since I geeked for no reason at all. And it feels great. Just that the last paper is tomorrow and I really REALLY should be studying since I’m not very confident. Oh well. Probably some videos and stuffs coming up before I retire for the day.

Windows 7 SP1

windows 7 sp1 release

Alright guys, the Service Pack 1 for windows 7 is finally out.

Right now it is an optional update. Though as a geek I’ll say, if your operating system has an update, UPDATE IT. So anyway, it isn’t a terribly important update. It basically rounds up all the previous updates into one pack, and adds a couple of other functionalities.

So if you haven’t update your computer up till now. I think you should do it. Right NOW. Or just take your time. The update shouldn’t that too long.

So well um, in case you’re interested in the new features:


  • Improved HDMI audio device performance: there’s a small update that helps reliability of HDMI audio devices after rebooting. This is listed as a feature in the release notes, but really feels like a bug fix.
  • Corrected behavior when printing mixed-orientation XPS documents: If you’re trying to print XPS documents that have landscape and portrait pages in the same document, now they will print correctly. All 5 of you can now rejoice.
  • Change to behavior of “Restore previous folders at logon” functionality: If you used the “Restore previous folders at logon” feature in Folder Options, the folders would restore into a cascaded set of windows. Now they will restore to where they were.
  • Support for Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX): supports a newer processor extension that improves performance for floating point intensive applications.
  • Improved Support for Advanced Format (512e) Storage Devices: hard drive manufacturers are transitioning to a new 4KB physical sector size, and now Windows 7 supports this better.

[via Howtogeek]


So uh, just go to Windows update, click on the important updates available and check the box and update.

Alternatively, you can download the ISO file directly from Microsoft. (not recommended if you’ve done previous updates)

Windows 7 SP1

So yeah! Cheers to the new update 😀