Not feeling it


As you can see from the image, this is kind of what I’m feeling at the moment.

The weather is nice and cooling, I’m rather sleep and all. So I don’t have the mood to do anything other than rolling around in my bed. Anyway, I’m having my last paper tomorrow and my exams will officially be over! (then I’ll get back the mood to blog)

So well, I guess many people have ended their exams today, most tomorrow and the remaining next week. All the best and congrats to all of you! ^^

Alright, since I don’t really have any content to write about, here’s a couple of articles that you might be interested in.

Fascinating facts about internet sex.

How to prolong lithium based batteries.

The Who, Why and How of Twitter.

Apple Icons, secret hidden meanings hidden in plain sight.

I think I should start bookmarking more links like these, so that, well, I can share with you guys. I close 99% of the articles that I read. So I only remember bits and pieces. Oh well, last paper let’s go!

Post 500


I missed the 500th post. This is actually the 505th. Sigh. Either way. This was the picture I wanted to post in commemoration of this day.


Get it? Cause it’s the 500th post. LOL.

So give me a high five ^5

This wordpress blog started on August 2010. Averaging 72 posts a month. Well, if you’ve known me long enough, the name xtechbiz has been around for a much, much, longer time. Since 2007. That was when I was still using Blogspot. Of course, even before that when I was using a different url, which started on, 2006.

Blogspot is still a viable option to me now. Though unless I’ve decided to be really geeky and want to do a whole bunch of scripting stuffs. WordPress is still the way to go for the moment.

So I guess I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. So much time has passed, so much memories. I’ve always wanted to go back to those posts and re-read them. Understand how I was, how stupid/childish I was acting. But yeah, that’ll be my goal. When I graduate, I will spend time to re-read my entire life.

For now, it’s been a pleasure writing. A big thank you to all the readers 😀

Happy Valentine’s!

I guess I only have one word to say


Seems like quite a number of people are coming today even though I haven’t posted much.

So I guess the most appropriate picture I can find right now is.. this?


So yeah.

I’m feeling a little groggy right now. And, btw, life’s a joke.

Quick, hide!






I don’t give a shit




This sucks, cause I’ve got a fever, and on the last day of the year, it’s probably one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. But heck I’m still going out to fuck around anyways.

So apparently, I can’t think well enough to write my new year’s resolution. So.. Hopefully I’ll be able to write out all the shit. (possibly the longest post ever) Well, next year.

For all the people that have been reading my blog for 2010, thanks for coming over here so regularly! It brings me joy that people enjoy viewing what I post.

So yep! I’ll be back next year! Till then!

And oh, for the sake of it.

Good bye 2010.

Thanks for all the fucked up shit.
Thanks for all the laughter.
Thanks for all the anger.
Thanks for all the enlightenment.
Thanks for all the coincidence.
Thanks for all the friends.