Post 500


I missed the 500th post. This is actually the 505th. Sigh. Either way. This was the picture I wanted to post in commemoration of this day.


Get it? Cause it’s the 500th post. LOL.

So give me a high five ^5

This wordpress blog started on August 2010. Averaging 72 posts a month. Well, if you’ve known me long enough, the name xtechbiz has been around for a much, much, longer time. Since 2007. That was when I was still using Blogspot. Of course, even before that when I was using a different url, which started on, 2006.

Blogspot is still a viable option to me now. Though unless I’ve decided to be really geeky and want to do a whole bunch of scripting stuffs. WordPress is still the way to go for the moment.

So I guess I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. So much time has passed, so much memories. I’ve always wanted to go back to those posts and re-read them. Understand how I was, how stupid/childish I was acting. But yeah, that’ll be my goal. When I graduate, I will spend time to re-read my entire life.

For now, it’s been a pleasure writing. A big thank you to all the readers 😀