Here’s the history of this blog to celebrate the 1000th post

Well… where should I start…

It all started 6 years ago. I was just a kid then, and the internet was still pretty much in it’s infancy. If I can recall, I started when I was still using a Pentium III computer. I’m not sure if WordPress was out yet, but if it was, it was probably too clunky for me to use at that time. blogger

So I defaulted to Blogger, which most of my friends were using. (some were using livejournal, hipsters)


I started with the URL of freedomstrike@blogspot. Well, mainly because I was infatuated with Gundam Seed Destiny at that point in time. And there Strike_Freedom_Gundam_by_Albertos719was this Gundam called Freedom Strike. Besides, it’s a pretty unique URL at that point in time and it was easy to remember.

Also, that was my introduction to the HTML world. I think I got interested in computers and technology, probably because I was so crazy about tweaking the HTML for my blog at that time. It was the prime of HTML 4 along with XHTML. Not forgetting Javascript and all the funny little things you could do to your webpage. (loading music automatically was probably the most annoying)

So that name continued for 2 years. It wasn’t really a part of my life then. I just blogged as and when I felt like it. Though I THINK I did try to post everyday (failed pretty badly)

And then, I hit the 500th post! It was a pretty huge thing to me then, as all my post were, proper, wordy post, and not like this… kind of blog. So at the end of 2007 (November) I was thinking…

I am exposing too much personal data into the internet.

At that time, I wanted freedomstrike to get as much views as possible. So I tinkered with DNS search and how Google finds my blog and stuffs like that. When you search for freedomstrike, my blog will come up as the first result. If you search my real name, my blog will come up as the first result. Well, many many things to trick Google into thinking that my blog is some really important website.

Well, it was KIND OF a success. As my blog hits and average of 50views per day with regular peaks at around 70?

But well, that was a stupid move, so I decided to change my entire identity. For some reason, I ended up with this name x-techbiz. It became my blog url. x-techbiz@BS. Yay! It continued for another 500 posts. I renewed the blog at the end of 2009. Retaining the URL, that continued for another 182 posts. (August 22, 2010) Before I thought, well, fuck blogger.


“Hello WordPress!”

And here I am. Now, the history of this wonderful little blog. To be fully honest, I had this URL since June 2009. I didn’t want anyone stealing my name in case I was making the switch!

If you notice, the dash – disappeared because WordPress didn’t allow it. Well, it’s a little sad but it doesn’t really make the name any easier to pronounce.

So, this blog OFFICIALLY opened at August 2010. It’s been 1 year 1 month since then. At first, I was planning to just write a lot of random online articles for the fun of it, however, one of my good friends told me that, it is pointless to do what everyone else is doing. Just remain the same, and that’ll be your style of writing.

It made perfect sense to me,
so I stuck with this until now.

From there on, I began witness the growth of this blog. Readers are starting to come back more and more often. (even though they just refuse to comment on anything). I started posting a lot of random videos that I want to share with everyone. (or just myself).

Now, to witness the growth. The first full month, I had only 639 views.

Untitled 2

I had 3,166 views on August. Well, it averages at roughly 100 a day. Um, I’ve got to say that I have came a long long way from that kid I was 6 years ago. the week or day view probably wouldn’t make much sense as it fluctuates a lot.


Week view

Sadly, and interestingly, I have 12 subscribers. I don’t really know what to make of it. But I’m glad that there are people who are willing to subscribe to it!

As far as comments go, much thanks to superjessleong for posting a whooping total of 408 comments! The rare people that actually make me feel like I’m not totally talking to myself. That’s more or less about it! I’m not going to bore you with all the searches and tags.

Moving on to the future.

Now that I’ve hit my goal of a thousand posts, where will I go from here? I mean, I will obviously continue to blog. But… Will it still be here on WordPress? Or will I feel like going back to Blogger? The answer is…..


Because well, we all know that relationships with ex-es will never work out. As much as Blogger has improved and proves to be a desirable blogging platform, I feel a sense of loyalty towards WordPress that has accompanied me for the past year. I’ll continue trying to improve my writing so that it’s worth reading, and the next 1000 posts,


Android rulez


Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to use this image. But yeah, this is what I think about the smartphone industry ^^

I mean come on, almost everything is powered by android. (because it’s essentially free).

So anyway, let me just give you a short short history (based on what I know) of android.

Android, is actually a Linux OS. It originated from a dude called Linus who did it as a side project, he totally didn’t expect it to bloom to such a state. I guess many people agree with the ideal that software should be free.

So in case you didn’t know, Google DID NOT invent android. In fact, they bought over a starting company like 4 to 5 years back as some sort of investment. It originally started off as a project or test to venture into mobile space.

So if you own an android phone, go to your settings, about phone, and look at the kernel version. I’m running If you ever messed with Linux OS before, you’ll realize that oh hey, that’s one of the linux kernel versions. So yeah.

So well, it started with the G1. And over time, more manufacturers joined in and made more phones. The most significant one was the Nexus One. As it was the flagship device created by Google in conjunction with HTC. It was a state of the art, high resolution display, 1GHz processor, and always the latest Android updates from Google.

And hence, it sparked off the whole trend.

Everyone is using android because,

1. It’s free.
2. It’s easy to develop on.
3. It’s highly flexible (it’s linux after all)

So uh, android is like a customized version of Linux created and maintained by Google.

And honestly it’s everywhere. It’s in many many phones. It’s starting to appear in computers. It’s a dominant player in the tablet marketplace. It’s appearing in TVs. It’s literally everywhere.

Well, just wanted to say that I’m proud to finally be part of the Android family ^^


Okay side note. If you’re wondering how Google is earning from all these since they made Android free and they’re not really the ones making the phone. They earn from service. They don’t need to earn from hardware. Google is a search company. By creating an ecosystem that uses their services, Google Search, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc, they’re already generating a revenue stream. (of course there’s much debates about this but hey, money is money.)

First Orbit: 50th year anniversary

Stop, everyone stop what you’re doing, and watch this trailer. Just spare 2mins to watch this trailer.

If you’re ready to be part of history. Continue on to watch the full film. It’s 1hour 40mins so grab your popcorn and take a seat. Probably the most spectacular non-fiction film of the year. This is something that all humans should be proud of.

Yuri Gagarin

He’s the first man to ever been to space and made an orbit around earth in 1961, April 12th.

Well, honestly this film brings tears to my eyes. Simply amazing. Watch in HD if possible.

p.s. Gizmodo do a pretty good article about it. Probably worth a read.
p.p.s. after watching it. I’ll say, it’s a worth a watch. But only if you have the time to spare. In a sense it’s boring. But it’s worth it. I don’t know how to describe it. Hope you’ll understand after watching (:

The last glass eye maker in Britain

If you have the time. Just spare it and watch this video. It’s kind of sad and beautiful I guess.

Though some people will just think it’s boring.

It’s a great great world

Watched this with S X Z the other day.

I think it’s a rather awesome show. It allows us to see back into the past on how Singapore used to be. It consists of 3 or 4 small stories within. All linking to 大世界.

I mean, each story isn’t particularly interesting or exciting, but it’s not bad lah I guess. I like historical shows for some reason. It’s fascinating to me that we can go back in time and see what’s happened then. What our parents experienced and all.

Which also makes me realize that it can’t be blamed if the older generation don’t understand us or the gadgets we use these days. Things were so simple back then.

Holyshit Otaku



Apparently I have classmates who watch anime too. And created a group on facebook. Since they made a list of the animes they’ve watched. I decided that I should too.

And… The list is. What the fuck.

221 in total

Including the ones I’m currently watching.

If this isn’t proof that I’m an otaku, I don’t know what is.

Click pass the break to see the full list.

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History of gaming

This is awesome. Also, it’s not the complete list. As you can see, xbox isn’t part of the equation. But then again it’s kinda hard to get all the stuffs. So well, we’ll just overlook that. This still makes a very compelling list.