HIMYM: Quote


How I Met Your Mother, Season 4 Episode 24

What I want


How I Met Your Mother, Season 4 Episode 23.

You’ve just got slapped

I’m rewatching How I met your mother. And this, this is simply a classic that I’m obliged to post. Enjoy (:

Post 500


I missed the 500th post. This is actually the 505th. Sigh. Either way. This was the picture I wanted to post in commemoration of this day.


Get it? Cause it’s the 500th post. LOL.

So give me a high five ^5

This wordpress blog started on August 2010. Averaging 72 posts a month. Well, if you’ve known me long enough, the name xtechbiz has been around for a much, much, longer time. Since 2007. That was when I was still using Blogspot. Of course, even before that when I was using a different url, which started on, 2006.

Blogspot is still a viable option to me now. Though unless I’ve decided to be really geeky and want to do a whole bunch of scripting stuffs. WordPress is still the way to go for the moment.

So I guess I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. So much time has passed, so much memories. I’ve always wanted to go back to those posts and re-read them. Understand how I was, how stupid/childish I was acting. But yeah, that’ll be my goal. When I graduate, I will spend time to re-read my entire life.

For now, it’s been a pleasure writing. A big thank you to all the readers 😀

Dammit I’m getting used to this.

Well. It’s 4. But I’m not tired at all. Thanks to some faggots that forced me to sleep at 7.

Here’s my sleeping timings recently.
7, 3, 6, 5, today… haven’t sleep yet.
Of course they’re all in AM

Well. I fucked up my explorer.exe , gonna spend tomorrow fixing it and making sure that my applications doesn’t crash for no reason.

By the way, how I met your mother is back on air!


So here’s a poster to commemorate their come back.


Anyway, I received an SMS at like 1:23am.
I was thinking:

Who the fuck hell SMS me at this time?

I opened the sms and it read.

Happy children’s day

What the?
Thanks a lot ah silver! -.-

Okay, I realized I haven’t been typing a lot lately. Really lazy ah. But anyway, here’s a video to share with you guys. This is really damn wtf.