How to dial a phone

If you feel like you can’t keep up with current technology, see how hard it was to explain how to use a phone to the people in 1954.

It can’t be helped for this lengthy video since it’s a new technology. And, they had no idea how the heck you’re supposed to use the phone. But it is very interesting to see how far we’ve come in just 57 years.

I don’t know why they call zero, O. Maybe they think that people will get confused with zero number and decided to call it a letter instead?

Still, this really changes my perspective on things. I guess I can’t blame my mum for not knowing how to use the computer properly. And I guess I can’t blame some of my friends for being such idiots with technology.

But these are steps that we have to take in order to advance into the future!

I love technology (:


How to design game characters


That’s very straightforward and easy.

How to ask a girl out


Wait, everything is making sense now O.O