IT Show 2011 has ended

After 4 days of slogging at work, it’s finally time for some rest. Though I’m not really that tired already lah. Kind of got used to it.


First day, before the start of the fair. The Canon booth that I’m working at.


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Computer idiots: Quote


intel inside, idiot outside


You can’t always blame the engineers for the stupid mistakes you make.

Fucking computer idiots

That’s exactly the way I feel whenever I teach someone something about the computer. It pisses me off to no end.

People care about Facebook way too much

Let’s get the story going straight away.

My friend borrowed my laptop, signed into facebook, and forgot to log off. What did I do?


But being the nice guy I am, I simply linked his relationship with another guy in my class. Though it instantly created some kind of explosive reaction from his friends.

And he kinda went hysterical. what a joke.

So what I’m saying is,

“Dude, you’re an idiot.”

Thoughts #2

Guys are idiots for breaking a girl’s heart. Girls are idiots for liking such jerks. Everywhere I go, everyone’s an idiot anyway.

Life’s a joke.