Let’s climb the damn hill


“I climbed the Bukit Timah Hill,
because I can.”

First things first, it was steeper than I thought. There wasn’t really any picture I took that could convey how steep it was except for this.


Went with Z to test out my camera and he was just… practicing his skills I guess. Though I feel a little stupid holding a compact next to a DSLR. But that also means that I can take shots like this way easier than he could ^^

Honestly, this is a really boring place and there isn’t a lot of things that I could take picture of. I could, of course, keep taking shots like this.


But I find it really pointless to go around taking pictures of rocks and leaves. Our only saving grace at that time is.



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Happy Birthday Turtle~

2011-09-05 18.26.45

Yep, we “surprised” him at Marina Barrage. Though well, it wasn’t much of a surprise but oh well, it worked out itself somehow!

Before I start on anything, I want to say that I don’t understand why people like to go there so much. There’s like nothing to do over there. Other than flying the stupid but awesome kite, looking at people, and the mesmerizing scenery over there. There’s like a significant amount of people over there on a frickin Monday. (Has September holidays started? I don’t know cause you know, everyday is a holiday to me)

So well, let me just start with the most awesome picture I took that day so that you would bother pressing the frigging read more link

2011-09-05 18.03.04

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We are all rich people.

So, I was on my way home today, and it just so happens that the timing coincides with the my primary school dismissal time.

Well, first, I saw a young kid (can’t remember male or female), skipping along as he walks, in a seemingly good mood that school has ended. Though he seems to be carrying a rather heavy bag, it doesn’t really seem to bother him that much. Then, as I was reaching, I saw two girls (primary school as well), playing in the playground. I don’t know if they were waiting for their friends or deciding what game to play, but both of them clearly don’t look unhappy in the slightest bit. They seem to be planning to have a lot of fun even under this ridiculously hot weather.

Hence, I thought to myself.

What the fuck happened to me?!

I don’t feel happy going home. I don’t really have anything that I’m really looking forward to. I feel like all my work is just a burden. Sure, there are things that will make me happy/take my mind off things but there really isn’t any magical stress relieving activity that I have.

I thought pretty hard about it, and came up with the one word answer.


We are bored people man. We feel bored in school, we feel bored sleeping early, we feel bored playing games, we feel bored eating. I mean, it’s just that “sian” feeling I get all the time.

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So, I had fun.


Ah. After a few hours of rest I’m feeling so much better. Though my body clock is totally screwed. And I’m still aching from everywhere. Thanks to all the cycling, bad sleeping posture and ultimately, the game of twister.

So, I’ve taken about 500 pictures in the past 3 days. Along with some videos. Which add up to a whopping 10.8GB in total!

So here’s an attempt to recall all the action that happened.

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Iris online, when things get boring


Um, so basically I used a 40% reduce in physical size. Hence. The small me. Yes I’m a female character 😀

So… My friend decided to use his 40% enlarge.


So… Well, we were bored. haha.


Well, I kinda feel like I’m falling size. Gonna rest earlier tonight and hope everything will be okay tomorrow.

Also, if you decided to play (or if you’re already playing, add me. My IGN is: Victoriquee

IT Show 2011 has ended

After 4 days of slogging at work, it’s finally time for some rest. Though I’m not really that tired already lah. Kind of got used to it.


First day, before the start of the fair. The Canon booth that I’m working at.


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Out to study!


Went out to study with sis, happened to bump into S and ended up chilling loool.

Got something nice today though ^^ Thanks alot sis 😀 :D: D


So uh, I guess I did managed to study a little but not a lot. (still, it’s better than nothing) Really damn tired right now. And I don’t really know what to write either. Except that I’m quite happy ^^

Guess life isn’t that bad after all~

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