Internet’s being screwy

For some reason my internet keeps getting DCed. So… I’m pretty annoyed right now. (maybe it has something to do with the massive downloads that I’m doing these few days)

So well, THANKFULLY, I have an awesome phone with HSDPA speeds. So I used it to continue surfing the web as per normal. Everything was going so well that out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick test to see what speeds I’m getting. - The Global Broadband Speed Test - Google Chrome_2011-08-11_18-45-30

Holyshit balls!

That will translate to roughly 700KB/s. Which is seriously crazy. Of course, I can’t really believe my eyes so I decided to do some checks and yes. Somehow the network is just really awesome at that moment and I somehow got that score.

After repeated testing, my average is roughly 3mbps, which equals to roughly 350KB/s. (it ranges between 1 to 5mbps. mostly  ~3)

So well, I’m really impressed that such a small device is able to access the internet at such high speeds. I’m having great hopes for the future! Still, my home connection is roughly 6 times faster so I wish that it’ll get back up and running ASAP.

Anyway, nothing interesting happened today as usual. Finally got my pay from the PC show wayyyyy back. At last, I have some spending power. I should probably learn to save some money though.

p.s. I’m not planning to go school next wed, thurs, fri. Study anyone?


Changed theme, again.


If you’re like, fans of the previous theme and is currently cursing at the screen for me changing the theme then well..

Sucks to be you.

HAHAHAHAHA. Okay honestly though, I like this better cause it looks, slightly more professional. And by professional, I meant wordy. And by wordy I meant that it has better typography, to me at least. But mainly because I’m bored of it.

I’m still trying to include more words in my posts.

I’m pretty happy right now because lo and behold! I broke the 20k visitors! In about 11 months!


Well, not really that amazing but the part that makes me smile comes from here.


Since I’m not really blogging for the sake of visitors. This small little achievement simply turns my frown upside down!

Though, I have to mention something though, people seem to find my blog in the most unusual ways. So much so that it’s so fascinating that I HAVE to share this with you guys. I mean, I know that the internet is screwed up. But, how the heck did it turn out like this?

I’ll make the interesting search terms red.

Search Views
reverse rape 39
homer 21
fight for love 19
funny harry potter jokes 18
30-sai no hoken taiiku 14
anime kisses 12
fighting for love 12
funny harry potter 12
victorique 11
best looking laptop 10
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seba fr1 2011 10
okumura rin 9
tired 8
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condom 8
the hangover 2 7
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how i met your mother quotes 7
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kanade tachibana 7
condom advertisement 7
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star driver quotes 7
anime shock 6
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harry potter joke 6
dragon crisis rose 6
birthday comics 6
human planet 6
ciel phantomhive 6
intel inside idiot outside 5
30 sai no hoken taiiku 5
lawliet 5
b__by_aoao2-d3iypuw 5
computer idiots 5
weird shirts 5
kira yamato 5
tumblr style 5
disney castle gif 4
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urahara kisuke 4
funny harry potter pics 4
the money of soul and possibility control 4
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hilarious weird 4
drawing superman 4
misaki neko 4
fuck this life wallpaper 3
gosick victorique 3
ulquiorra cifer 3
voldemort better than vader 3
break up tumblr 3
despicable me tumblr 3
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advertisements 3
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barney stinson quotes 3
facebook harry potter 3
sexy tempered boob 3
old school linux distro 3
weird t-shirts 3
animes awesome 3
weird sexy 3
lorong halus 3
idiot inside 3

Data taken from the past 30days. (I excluded results with less than 2 views)

I mean, yeah, I do search for some pretty retarded stuffs sometimes but come on, this kind of searches are just, wtf. Especially with the reverse rape. It’s constantly being searched by other people. Why the fuck are you searching for things like that?!

And these are the more popular search results. The remaining ones are, just plain awkward.

pervert energy
lelouch fuck this shit
gay priest funny
i blame this idiot
rape anime
is iris online boring
سامسونج جلكسي

YES. Someone searched my blog in Tamil, or whatever language that is. So well, yeah, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with these people but hey. You totally make my day when I see stats like these man.

Oh well, I’ll do posts like these from time to time. Because, as a teen, it is very fascinating to see how screwed up the people in the world is. For my own entertainment and hopefully yours (:


Lagging is always bad. Now I feel like switching to a better internet plan =/

State of the internet 2010


That is alot of data going around man.

Phone tethering.

So um. I have internet on my phone now. So what is the most obvious thing to do with it?

Obviously I tried connecting it to my computer and see if it allows me to connect to the internet directly. Well within 3 minutes and VOILA! It worked perfectly without a flaw. Well, I don’t know what’s the case it is with iPhones and Android, but it worked perfectly with my Nokia N97 mini. (or maybe you already have done such things)

So anyway, the internet speed was… Satisfactory coming from a phone. I activated HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) which turns the little 3G logo to 3.5G. So yes. I’m a happy geek today (:

(apart from the part where I’m still down with fever)

Well that’s all good and stuffs, cause it means that I can really just bring my laptop around and connect to the internet. Which means that my blogging trip I’ve mentioned months ago can be fulfilled when I want to!

So one more update. I’ve finally received the pictures for the msia trip.


But but but. There IS a picture that I wanted to post. So well, I’ll get back to that soon. So anyway, I just want to say that it’s been such a long time since I’ve felt the geek side of me light up like a christmas tree, so well that’s that! 😀

Internet is (Y)

So well. Nothing much to say. Went out with D today to kinda walk around and look at stuffs. Didn’t really do much or buy anything in particular.


Well, I mean, my phone isn’t really the best device to surf the net. But at least now I don’t have to care about incurring extra costs when I’m using the GPS or accidentally connecting to the internet. In fact I’m going to use the internet damn often from now on. ( well at least when it’s needed )

It’s really useful to do a quick twitter/fb check. Or movie timings or just little things like that that really makes you life a lot better. I really wanna get a better phone though. Can’t wait for next year!

Alright, that’s all. I’m kinda sick again. So… fml.

Geek – notscripts (chrome)

Here’s another great extension that would help you to browse the web faster.


Basically, this will stop ALL scripts from running unless otherwise stated. There’s a whitelist / blacklist that you can edit.

By the way, there’s a rather… Troublesome step of setting up a password for it before you can actually use it. I’ll say that, as long as you can read the instructions and just follow it. There shouldn’t be any problem.

From my experience, I don’t know how much faster EXACTLY it is. But I FEEL like it’s faster.

As usual this is just a matter of perception. Experience may vary as I haven’t done any tests on it. One thing’s clear though, it’ll make your web surfing quite a lot more safer. (Though there’s a mini -con to it, which is you have to enable scripts manually for the sites you visit, but then again, it’s a 1-time thing. So it shouldn’t be that bad)