I hate slow typers


“I get very annoyed at slow typers.”

Every time I watch some of my friends search for some stuffs online, or write out a report of some sort. Or just seeing my mum use the computer.

It really really gets on my nerves.

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Life sucks

Long story cut short.

I was stuck out of house. Thankfully E was free. Hence I went to his place to chill out. Caught up with the happenings in his life. Till a point when he talked about something related to his strength. Which lead me to refer him to this post.

So well. Life certainly sucks. And tomorrow will definitely suck more.

Either way. I’m probably not in the best of mood. Or that my mood swings really quickly. Like a whiny little bitch.



I fucked myself

Alright I have 10mins to do this before I go to school.

So I was supposed to submit a form about my year 2 electives and it’s kind of my majors. So… Thing is I forgot. They’ve given us 3 days to think about something that would happen roughly 6months later…

I know that it’s kind of my fault for forgetting about it… but heck. I feel damn screwed either way. Of course, I know that if they are logical about it they wouldn’t just kick me out of the school. Still, there’s this unsettling feeling I get due to the possibility of such shit happening.

I guess I’ve learnt something rather important. That is…


(wow I wrote this in 2mins)

I should sleep

Okay, this shall be my first insomnia post since school has started. Though insomnia isn’t really a good word to describe whatever that I’m doing now because I’m really REALLY tired, I just refuse to sleep.

And that since my hand feels really itchy I’m just gonna type a whole bunch of shit that probably won’t make sense to other people.

Okay I’m pissed off. Fuck my life seriously.

Anyway I’m trying to figure out a way to see if I’m able to cripple my laptop in a way that forces it to use hardware resources (less cpu cycles, less I/O operations, less energy consumption)  So like for example, make this computer A  LOT SLOWER. And in turn that will help reduce the energy used.

But it doesn’t seem like there’s a way that I can safely do such a thing. Since intel has been working with windows for such a frickin long time, they’ve really allowed the computer to be as efficient as it can be.

The most I can do now is just to limit the frequency to the maximum of 65% when I’m using battery