Clean your laptop regularly


Yeah I know, the amount of stuffs I have pinned to my taskbar doesn’t really make it minimal but I use them really frequently so.. it’s better than having it strewn all over the desktop!

I also removed the “I just rest before I’m lazy” from the laptop cover

2011-08-27 21.24.44

Because well, it makes it look nicer without it blocking the VAIO. And I’m pretty much sick of it so yeah. I had planned to take a picture of all my cleaning stuffs but it’s too much of a pain.

You need some kind of a cleaning solution, a normal cloth, and a micro fibre cloth. I also use my vacuum cleaner. Cause, things get stuck between and under your keys, which is impossible to wipe out. (unless you dismantle everything)

Warning, don’t vacuum the places where there’s fans (like the vent or smth). Cause making the fan spin faster than it should will spoil it. Unless you’re really careful and use a brush of some sort, don’t try it. Well, keeping your computer clean will rid it off stupid problems, and it just makes me feel better when it’s all clean and shiny.

p.s. I feel like removing I’M NOT LAZY. Sometime soon perhaps?


Laptops are not good for crotch

Okay, we all know that putting your laptop for long periods on your lap is a really stupid idea. Most get really uncomfortable, and select few would basically feel like someone’s trying to torch their genitals.

So basically there’s something you can actually do to help that situation.

You know that when you’re out and about, you always set your power plan to Power Saver? (okay if you don’t then this is pointless). Basically, what I’m saying is, set it to Balanced. Don’t leave it as Power Saver. Reason being that when you’re in power saver mode, the system will automatically lower the fan speed in order to save power. Hence the higher temperature.

Setting it to balanced will allow the fans to run at their maximum potential whenever needed. (yes there’s a small whiny noise but meh, it’s better than getting scorched).

So yes, there is a trade-off for coolness and battery life.

From my experience, there’s about a 5~10 degrees drop in temperature. Now it’s hovering around 47~50, which is a little warm, but good enough for my lap. If you want to test it out for yourself, you can download this program called  Hardware Monitor and check your system temperatures.

Either way, new technologies are being developed so in the future we don’t have to worry about such stuffs. I came across this piece of news today.  Apparently they found/invented a new material that can conduct heat a lot more efficiently.

More details can be found here.

What we do during breaks


Another picture that I forgot to post.

My friends don’t like their faces on my blog. So yeah. Well, if I didn’t remember this wrongly, we skipped one boring class that day and all of us sat down with our laptops to play some LAN games. It’s empty cause the rest went to get food. (or toilet?)

I feel like going out to study tomorrow. Anyone?

2 wishes accomplished

Alright. Let’s get straight to the point.


I’ve been ranting for a long time that I wanted to get a phrase onto my laptop, AND I’VE FINALLY DONE IT. OH YEAH!

In case you’re wondering, wtf what’s up with that phrase?!

“FYI, that phrase has been like, on my blog since forever. Look above at the black bar. “

So yes. I felt REALLY psyched up when I’m finally done with it. Took me more than 30mins to get it done.

And yes, I did it letter by letter.


But yeah I feel EXTREMELY satisfied.

It may not be the best artwork you’ve seen. But hey. that’s just HOW I ROLL BITCHES!

Anyway, the other thing is this



Like my previous one was just plain black. Not that this is really special or anything. In fact it’s really plain buutttttt…



Well! I plan to like, draw / paint on the outside of it to personalize it. Probably some random image or just,


Either way, can someone please lend me some fabric paint/marker if they have. Or like, give me a rough gauge about how much they cost? Many thanks.

And yes, I would post the picture up if I actually did draw on it (:

Oh yes, I went out to study. Totally forgot the mention that. Well, did do a little, so it wasn’t totally unproductive. The highlight was the ending I guess. Cause I managed to snap this really awesome picture ^^


Come on, you have to agree that this is pretty sweet looking man ^^