Really tired

I don’t know why I’m so tired.

But, I didn’t go for CCA, I didn’t go out, and I’m not playing any games.

So uhhh. Maybe I haven’t been getting the rest that I’m needing. So uh, there are a couple of things that I wanna share, it’s just small things so I didn’t feel like putting them in separate posts.

First off, the physics of Angry Birds.

Is the launch speed in Angry Birds constant?


So yeah! I thought it’s pretty cool to share with you guys. He did a couple of calculations to show how he got to that result.

Alright, then for something a little geekier.

The Great Linux World Map

Linux World Map

[ via ]

It’s a pretty interesting concept. And there’s like little jokes in between, like the Noob Desert and the small little island called The Moblin Federation. (geek jokes lol)

So well, obviously, it would be my current wallpaper, but I’m using the black and version that can be found that website. But just to show you how it looks like.


So um, I think maybe I’ll TRY to do this more regularly, posting up random interesting articles. I’m getting a little sick of all the videos and random troll comments I’m putting up. And writing about serious articles is.. pretty tiring.

So yep!