Never give up

The, perfect example of what life is.

It doesn’t matter if you fall, just stand up and keep trying.


Feel the wonders of the world as a child

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Well, in the previous post where I said that I feel frustrated by how people can have such indifference to to wonders around the world.

I think, I may have solved a part of it.

Well, I think, I’m kinda old enough to say, people from my generation. Managed to experience the most magical moment in history.

Disney movies.

I think, those probably what opened my mind to all the magic in the world. The ideas that dared me to dream of the impossible. To make me dream of the beauty of what could be possible.

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You know it

If it’s something that

can be done in 2mins.

Do it now.

Cause there’s only 1 life to live after all.

So… I guess I’ll pause drawing for a moment for now.

Gonna concentrate fully on all the geeky stuffs, about 2 weeks before school reopens. Let’s hope I can finish learning something before that.

So.. As I’ve guessed I wasn’t able to post yesterday.

Woke up, rush out, ate Seoul Garden, then went bowling, then went pool, then went to eat BBQ Chicken, then went for a movie, reached home, changed and went for a short run.

And honestly I think that I’ve been sitting down too much and all. I only ran like around… 2KM at max. Sigh man, I should really exercise every once in a while. Almost my whole body is aching right now.

So well, it’s april’s fool in other countries right now. So there’s a ton of funny things to watch online. Or things to do. Well… I wanted to post a short script that’ll totally screw the shit out of someone’s computer. But… On second thoughts, I guess not as it’s just ALITTLE dangerous. Probably gonna use it on my friends’ computers when school reopens though. Watch out ^^

Today my life begins

This is such an awesome song (:



Well, there you have it. My motivation in full galore.