Blogging works.

It works man. No doubt about that. Thanks to the old me keeping track of what I’ve been doing or thinking, roughly anyway, I was able to see my mistakes and how stupid I was.

So yeah, I skimmed through a few posts from my old blog.

I’m genuinely surprised. I never knew that feelings can be so obvious. I realized that people can tell how I’m feeling right away. Maybe you guys know exactly how I’m feeling right now judging from how I’m writing. But man, I certainly didn’t know that, it’s going to be so naked man. It’s just. So weird when you manage to see yourself from a 3rd perspective.

Also, I learn that things change very quickly. In fact, life moves at a faster pace than I though. Like really. I’m already skimming through posts from June 2009.

I think. I should probably read the rest another day. It’s kinda making me depressed. But hey, I know I’ve tried my best. In a way or another I guess.