Everything finished


All the projects and presentations are done. Left with 1 more lab test on wednesday and it’s exams next week. !@#$%^&*(

The worst part is that we’re still learning new things. I mean, this is supposed to be revision. What the fuck man! So anyway, here’s a picture to commemorate the end of the bullshit.


So…. Think I’m gonna skip school tomorrow to study at home. (it’s KIND OF the study week anyway, probably no attendance taken)

Gonna take a short break and will be back with all the retarded videos ^^

Stupid lego class


So yes. that’s what I’m playing with right now and I’m really kinda bored. It’s like robotics. Like what the hell. I’m a computer engineer. I don’t give a shit about such things.

It’s pretty fun though ^^

Yawns. Monday classes are such a waste of time. I wanna sleep. Exams are coming soon though. So can’t afford to fuck around that much ):

Oh it’s quite advanced in a certain sense.

  • Light sensor
  • NXT Buttons
  • Rotation Sensor
  • Sound sensor
  • Timer
  • Touch Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Touch sensor

Not bad for a toy eh?

p.s. I’m blogging in the class.