Why I hate Dragon Nest and all RPG in general


Dragon Nest Online

I just started on Dragon Nest 2 days ago. Obviously cause I was bored. Still, there could be better things to do. I suddenly felt like playing RPG(role playing game) because I saw Diablo 3 Beta, and decided, let’s just give RPG a go again.

Bad choice.

In just 2 days, I got pretty bored of it. Not to the point where I won’t want to play it. (cause I’m trying to hit the max level)

First, I’ll say why I hate Dragon Nest.

The graphics is good, the plot is decent. But what the fuck is wrong with the voice acting?! COME ON, anyone would agree that the voice acting for all the cut scenes suck. It’s like, watching a third-rate theatre. AND the subtitles are all out of sync.

Then the gameplay. It’s frustrating how they make you do the same stage over and over and over again. Just so that you can complete your quest. The items description isn’t really helpful for someone like me. (but thanks to weeks of IrisOnline I could barely get by).

The most important part is the travelling. I think improvements are due for future patches but it sucks right now, to only be able to run and.. well run. You don’t have any skills that speed your movements or mounts for faster travelling.

I shall list down all the [Massive Multiplayer Online](MMO)RPG games I’ve played.





Silkroad Logo

And a couple others that I really can’t be bothered to find the logo for, like Rose Online, Ragnarok, 9Dragons,Atlantica Online and so on.

So, it’s not like I’ve never given RPG games a chance. It just… boring okay? You repeat the same tasks for, hours, days, months. Just to gain level and items. You can the sense of achievement from all these stuffs. But it’s like, there’s no skill involved. It’s just whoever who has the longest patience.

I hate games like that because you HAVE to invest a huge amount of time in it in order to be good at it. That’s why I love RTS(real time strategy), FPS(first person shooter) games. There’s no level involved. You just play with your skills per game. You either pwn or get owned. (the reason I hate DoTA is probably cause it takes too long and I hate controlling only 1 character)

All that said, I am currently playing Dragon Nest, so well, find me online if you’re in it too.

IGN: Yukopyon
Springwood Server

Why I chose that name: There’s a multi-dimensional witch in xxxHolic & Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (same person). Her name is Yuko. But since someone took that name, I used a cute suffix to make it unique.

Cisco Netrider 2011 Singapore

211086_229057823800631_5420601_nI went for a networking competition today. Which honestly feels just like an exam, just, levels harder. 60mins is given for 100 questions, followed by 90mins given for practical. (network simulation)

So judging by the lack of prizes, I probably didn’t do very well.

In fact it’s a total waste of time.


There were more participants than I expected. 210 to be exact.

Anyway, I said it’s a waste of time because all almost all the prizes (if not all) went to Nanyang Polytechnic. … annoying.

The other reason is that, they didn’t release our scores.

I mean like, fine, I don’t mind not winning, BUT AT LEAST TELL US HOW WELL WE DID. WE SPENT 150MINS DOING THAT FUCKING TEST.

Either way, I learnt that there are many things that I haven’t learn. So well, on to another arduous learning journey. I’m finally free for a day this week.

edit: I forgot to post this picture up! this was during the prize presentation and there was a drum performance

Flipping mad

Flipping mad? Get it? It’s a good pun, shut up.

So anyway, I didn’t went for the chalet today cause well, my body didn’t regenerate like Doctor Who. It’s regrettable, since they’re having BBQ today. Which you know, is like the whole point of going to a chalet. BBQ, then sleep. Okay, plus the games and what not.



(p.s. details on cam tomorrow ^^ )

No point crying over spilt milk


Apparently, I saw the date wrongly and my first paper is today instead of tomorrow. so. Well, whatever. It’s a bummer but it’s not like all hope is lost.

All I have to do,
is just acing the remaining two papers.

And since the GPA required to take that extra module is 3.0 instead of 3.5(that I originally thought), I guess I should be able to scrap through somehow without too much trouble. Yeah it’s a waste I know. It sucks. But meh. It’s not the first bad thing that ever happened and it’s not the worst either. (still, this leaves a really bad after taste)


I better start figuring out how to do all the math questions before I get screwed over on thursday.

Ok I’m back!

So yeah, first time for a really long time that I was home but didn’t blog for an entire day.

If you don’t even have the energy to sit up and use your com, you know you’re fucked.

Out of the 24 hours yesterday I probably spent 23.5 hours in bed.

But thanks to that I’m probably about 80~90% recovered. Definitely going to recover in time for my exams on Monday. As long as I don’t do or eat and crazy things between today and tomorrow I guess I’ll be fine.

Also, I hate how my body falls sick sometimes. It’s like some ultra-coordinated motherfuckery that just screws me upside down. Sore throat, fever and block nose. Doesn’t seem that bad at first. Until I tried sleeping.

Since I can’t breathe with my nose, I had to use my mouth, and doing that causes my throat to be dry and hurt, forcing me to drink water. And thanks to that I need to pee, so I wake up like every hour or so to go to the toilet. Plus, the fever is screwing with my head making me feel like shit. It isn’t that bad, it’s just, the combo that makes it really REALLY annoying. So thanks to that I was screwed thoroughly yesterday.

Nevertheless, thanks to all the time I’ve spent lying down and not sleeping, I had an interesting topic to write about. But also thanks to a 9min video that you should watch, it makes my explanation a lot simpler. On to that post!

Shit happens


Well, I really don’t have anything to say right now. Just feeling really tired and all. I think I’m going to go and draw something before I sleep. Quick sketch and see what I get!

Happy Valentine’s!

I guess I only have one word to say


Seems like quite a number of people are coming today even though I haven’t posted much.

So I guess the most appropriate picture I can find right now is.. this?


So yeah.

I’m feeling a little groggy right now. And, btw, life’s a joke.