What is justice?

Please watch this video before you read my post. Or it would not make as much sense.
(I mean, if you’re going to read something as long as this, might as well just spend a little time to understand a little more about morality)

Okay firstly, I have watched the other videos up to episode 3. But for this post, I shall respond directly to this episode 1. My philosophy will still apply to the other videos I’ve watched so far. However, for the sake of simplicity. I will go with the case by case scenario with the video that I’ve posted.

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Being human sucks


Humans, being emotional creatures, act based on their feelings most of the time. You may think that you’re being logical but the truth couldn’t be further.

Or in other words, our logical decisions are based on our feelings.

I don’t want to feel like this, so I do this.

I want to feel like this, so I do this.

You get the point. But this post is more about how much of something we’re feeling. Let’s use pain and sadness as examples because for whatever reasons these are the feelings that we remember clearest.

Okay, so here goes nothing.

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I was on my way home with D and S today and we were talking about studying the next day. Which, reminds me of something I’ve been thinking for a long time.

I really really admire hardworking people.

I’m going to explain why I think it’s amazing, and why it is probably the most important trait a person should have.

But before I start, let me share with you this quote that inspired me.

screw talent

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What I want.


Well, as some of you may know, I actually wanted to write about the work fuck. But as I was thinking along the way, it kinda turned into this.

“What exactly do I want out of my life?”

I pretty much stayed up for a few hours thinking about it. I’ve had many answers, to make a contribution to computer science, to make the world a better place, to help the unfortunate people through science/engineering.

But then it dawned upon me.

I’m not that noble.

What I want. - Windows Live Writer_2011-05-24_17-59-56

But then again, sometimes, the simplest things are the hardest to achieve.

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Watch this.

Well, computers ain’t the only thing that I’m interested in. Fact about me, I love quantum physics though I can’t really understand  the maths behind it.

If you manage to watch finish the entire video (and understand it), it should give you a new perspective about the entire world.

I like the reasoning that

“Everything that can be, is.”

I like how it give me a very strong principle to stick to.

“Every single action has a definite effect on the future.”

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Facts about me – photography

200th post!


[image via duchesse-2-Guermante]

Well, if you know me. You’ll know that I love taking pictures. I love to take pictures of anything. And everything around me.

And if I’ve ever shown you the pictures I took. You’ll realized that pictures where my subjects will actually pose for it are few and far between. Also, I always said that I like to take unglam pictures of people.

In a sense, it’s not that I’m particularly obsessed with taking unglam pictures. I just want to take pictures of people in their most natural form, not in a posture where they’ll look their best. Of course, that is important, but not really what I’m looking for.

“Basically, I just want people to see the world through my eyes.”

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Doing the right thing.

Alright, it’s 3 in the morning. My thoughts are running wild again. So… I’ll roughly mention what it is before I go into the details.

When you’ve done the right thing.
It’s like you’ve never done anything at all.

So. Well, I thought about this sometime ago, but then a show that I watched used that phrase and I remembered about this. So yeah. Just sharing my thoughts about this

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