What to do when you have nothing to do


A Yakult a day, keeps your bowel out of the way.

Wasn’t planning to do anything today. So it’s inevitable that I got bored. So I started taking random pictures. Sadly I only took 2 stuffs, and picked the best. Which of course, is Yakult, and my awesome phone.


Say what? ( =’o'= )

That’s so cute right.

So I realized, 2 pictures is kinda dumb. So here’s 1 more.


It is NOT a waste of money

Alright, I think my eclipse deserves to have it’s own post.

The Legend of Ashitaka

I just love Joe Hisashi’s music. Ah, it makes me feel like the world is such a great place when I keep listening to songs like these (:

Went out to study today so well, didn’t really had the mood to blog when I came back. It was KINDA fruitful I guess. Supposed to continue mugging when I get back but oh well you know me ^^.  On the side and really really random note to myself, I finally flashed to a different kernel other than DarkCore. It’s Semaphore! So far so good I would say.

Um, from what I can FEEL, it’s faster, and it gets a rough 3 to 400 higher in Quadrant. So, I guess it’s better? We’ll have to see about the battery life though. The thing that I really like is that the minimum brightness is set lower so I don’t have to use an app just for that. Well, so far so good! Also changed my boot animation to that of honeycomb. Just.. for the fun of it.


Internet’s being screwy

For some reason my internet keeps getting DCed. So… I’m pretty annoyed right now. (maybe it has something to do with the massive downloads that I’m doing these few days)

So well, THANKFULLY, I have an awesome phone with HSDPA speeds. So I used it to continue surfing the web as per normal. Everything was going so well that out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick test to see what speeds I’m getting.

Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test - Google Chrome_2011-08-11_18-45-30

Holyshit balls!

That will translate to roughly 700KB/s. Which is seriously crazy. Of course, I can’t really believe my eyes so I decided to do some checks and yes. Somehow the network is just really awesome at that moment and I somehow got that score.

After repeated testing, my average is roughly 3mbps, which equals to roughly 350KB/s. (it ranges between 1 to 5mbps. mostly  ~3)

So well, I’m really impressed that such a small device is able to access the internet at such high speeds. I’m having great hopes for the future! Still, my home connection is roughly 6 times faster so I wish that it’ll get back up and running ASAP.

Anyway, nothing interesting happened today as usual. Finally got my pay from the PC show wayyyyy back. At last, I have some spending power. I should probably learn to save some money though.

p.s. I’m not planning to go school next wed, thurs, fri. Study anyone?

Internet is (Y)

So well. Nothing much to say. Went out with D today to kinda walk around and look at stuffs. Didn’t really do much or buy anything in particular.


Well, I mean, my phone isn’t really the best device to surf the net. But at least now I don’t have to care about incurring extra costs when I’m using the GPS or accidentally connecting to the internet. In fact I’m going to use the internet damn often from now on. ( well at least when it’s needed )

It’s really useful to do a quick twitter/fb check. Or movie timings or just little things like that that really makes you life a lot better. I really wanna get a better phone though. Can’t wait for next year!

Alright, that’s all. I’m kinda sick again. So… fml.