What to do when you have nothing to do


A Yakult a day, keeps your bowel out of the way.

Wasn’t planning to do anything today. So it’s inevitable that I got bored. So I started taking random pictures. Sadly I only took 2 stuffs, and picked the best. Which of course, is Yakult, and my awesome phone.


Say what? ( =’o'= )

That’s so cute right.

So I realized, 2 pictures is kinda dumb. So here’s 1 more.


It is NOT a waste of money

Alright, I think my eclipse deserves to have it’s own post.

Why I hate Dragon Nest and all RPG in general


Dragon Nest Online

I just started on Dragon Nest 2 days ago. Obviously cause I was bored. Still, there could be better things to do. I suddenly felt like playing RPG(role playing game) because I saw Diablo 3 Beta, and decided, let’s just give RPG a go again.

Bad choice.

In just 2 days, I got pretty bored of it. Not to the point where I won’t want to play it. (cause I’m trying to hit the max level)

First, I’ll say why I hate Dragon Nest.

The graphics is good, the plot is decent. But what the fuck is wrong with the voice acting?! COME ON, anyone would agree that the voice acting for all the cut scenes suck. It’s like, watching a third-rate theatre. AND the subtitles are all out of sync.

Then the gameplay. It’s frustrating how they make you do the same stage over and over and over again. Just so that you can complete your quest. The items description isn’t really helpful for someone like me. (but thanks to weeks of IrisOnline I could barely get by).

The most important part is the travelling. I think improvements are due for future patches but it sucks right now, to only be able to run and.. well run. You don’t have any skills that speed your movements or mounts for faster travelling.

I shall list down all the [Massive Multiplayer Online](MMO)RPG games I’ve played.





Silkroad Logo

And a couple others that I really can’t be bothered to find the logo for, like Rose Online, Ragnarok, 9Dragons,Atlantica Online and so on.

So, it’s not like I’ve never given RPG games a chance. It just… boring okay? You repeat the same tasks for, hours, days, months. Just to gain level and items. You can the sense of achievement from all these stuffs. But it’s like, there’s no skill involved. It’s just whoever who has the longest patience.

I hate games like that because you HAVE to invest a huge amount of time in it in order to be good at it. That’s why I love RTS(real time strategy), FPS(first person shooter) games. There’s no level involved. You just play with your skills per game. You either pwn or get owned. (the reason I hate DoTA is probably cause it takes too long and I hate controlling only 1 character)

All that said, I am currently playing Dragon Nest, so well, find me online if you’re in it too.

IGN: Yukopyon
Springwood Server

Why I chose that name: There’s a multi-dimensional witch in xxxHolic & Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (same person). Her name is Yuko. But since someone took that name, I used a cute suffix to make it unique.

Slinky effect

This is cool.

Ok the main point of this is to at least post something. I totally forgot about my blog today. I was in a hypnotic-ally relaxed state. It was a total waste of time but at least I’m totally stress free at the end of it (:


The left one is fake

This is pretty darn cool.

Anyway, started on Dragon Nest. Sign of boredom.


Let’s climb the damn hill


“I climbed the Bukit Timah Hill,
because I can.”

First things first, it was steeper than I thought. There wasn’t really any picture I took that could convey how steep it was except for this.


Went with Z to test out my camera and he was just… practicing his skills I guess. Though I feel a little stupid holding a compact next to a DSLR. But that also means that I can take shots like this way easier than he could ^^

Honestly, this is a really boring place and there isn’t a lot of things that I could take picture of. I could, of course, keep taking shots like this.


But I find it really pointless to go around taking pictures of rocks and leaves. Our only saving grace at that time is.



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Guys, save water please

I think this would be really really really cool if it was really done physically (rather than CGI). Still, it’s a really short and concise message.

I was.. out pretty much the entire day yesterday. So.. a long post is coming up. I’m currently editing all the pictures. Oh it’s gonna take such a long time~


Windows XP is getting older

Rusty Windows XP

[via 9GAG]

Here’s a few articles that proved to be a good read. (note: geeky)


[via technet]

It’s a pretty good article that shows us how crafty some hackers are. I mean, like really, well hidden (but in your face) kind of attacks.


And um, this video from Jalopnik. The video in question is this,

Which is cool and everything, but, really, click on the link and look at the comments. It’s way, waaaaay better. In fact, do it. I guarantee laughter. (note: nsfw)

Last but not least, the combination of Mario and Portals

Honestly, if this game out I’ll definitely get it. It’s so damn bloody cool!! (okay now give me sometime to change those links into videos)