Getting serious.

So. I bought a new sketchbook today. Got another pencil for outline, got another marker only to realize that I already have it. But the again, it’s not exactly a bad thing to have a spare. So the thing is. I think I’m going to start drawing seriously from now on. Like, pay more attention to the details and all that.

You know I once said that once I’ve completed 50 drawings I’ll start to try to create my own character? Well, I’m no where near that, somewhere around 21 or so. But the thing is, I’m finishing my sketchbook already. In fact the one I’ve been using so far only has 3 pages left. And chances are I’m just going to use those 3 pages for doodles, like you know, trying to get the perspective and all the little things right. But I’ll try doing it once I get to the new book.

Have also been reading up quite a bit on it. Seen quite a lot of examples. Looking through other people’s work. And realizing how crappy mine is

If I have to name out one thing that frustrates me the most is that I couldn’t find something that has the same strong impact other artists seem to be able to create. Is it because I’m not pressing hard enough? Or is there some kind of special pencil they’re using?

I don’t know man, but I’m getting a little annoyed at myself. Actually I also thought of getting a tablet. You know, the drawing kind. Seems like the cheapest one would be 129, then 179, followed by 399. The one I want costs 1950 lol. But man. I think I’ll just concentrate on getting my basics right first. Tomorrow will be a long hard day of training!

I remembered saying that, during the holidays, I’m going to learn something new and interesting.

This is it.


(and i just realized this is the first word-only post since a long time)

Results are out.


Results are out, and I basically fucked myself. Over and over again. Sigh.

Rather disappointed in myself. And another rude awakening call in my face. I don’t know man. This is rather saddening. Though I have confidence that I’ll do better next semester cause it’s finally the topics that I like and are rather familiar with.

I swear I’ll get all my As next semester.


New Year’s Resolution!

This came late but hey! I’m finally able to write it. Before I get to the real deal, let’s start with a pun.

My New Year’s Resolutions: 320×240, 800×480, 1024×600, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1920×1080

– FunnyOrFact

I’ll go with a 2560×1600 though.

So here goes!

1. Studies. I know it’s impossible to get a final 4.0 for my GPA anymore, but still I will do the impossible (:

2. Find my kind of perfect.

3. Get my dream phone.

4. Get an awesome camera.

You know. After thinking really hard, I can’t really think of anything else that I really want. Or need, really.

I’m satisfied with my life. I probably just don’t wanna lose any more things dear to me. I like the peace right now. No drama whatsoever, no bullshit slapping me in the face for no reason.

So about new year’s eve! I’ll skip all the boring parts and go straight to the countdown itself! It was. Awesome. Probably not as awesome as it could’ve been, but hey! It’s new year! Everything is good.


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Working hard

Awesome, I haven’t been sleeping in school for 2 days. This is the 3rd if I manage to keep it up.

First in 4years. How awesome am I.

I AM SERIOUS ABOUT WORKING HARD THIS SEM. GPA 4.0 HERE I COME! (p.s. in case you’re wondering, yeah I’m writing this in class. I finished my work and I have nothing to do. Just waiting for the next class)



I am positive that this semester will turn out right!

Oh man, I’m feeling rather tired now. But I’m going to stay awake either way! Can’t wait to get home later. Think there’s gonna be bowling again tomorrow.

$ Wallet, I’m sorry $

Spin spin spin!

2mq2pp4(To aru no Majutsu Index II)

Heh, for some reason that’s the feeling that’s in my head right now. Spinningggggg~

School is starting again tomorrow.

So… Well. I should really set my mind on doing well this time! Like, EVEN BETTER! Cause i wanna top the fucking school man!

Ah, right now my fingers in the state where it wants to type a lot because I’m feeling really rather awesome right now for no reason. Anyway, I’ve realized and decided on 1 thing.

What I’ve realized is that my blog is more awesome than tumblr, because they rely on other people to supply them with interesting stuffs, I find all of it myself. THAT’S AWESOME.

What I’ve decided is to create another category (unsure of the name yet). But it would just be questions/random quotes that I just felt like posting, cause some of the stuffs are too long to post on twitter.