There’s no such thing as overkill

What do you do when you want to review a .50 caliber gun?

You buy a tank, drive to MacDonalds, scare the shit out of everyone, THEN shoot a few hundred bucks worth of watermelons.

I’ve got to say, overkill sells.


Watching him count to 100,000

Accept this challenge if you dare.

Or Nyan-cat, or mudkipz. Either way, the internet is filled with things to waste your time.


ASUS Transformer

Um.. How bad can advertisements get?


I just realized that I forgot to post yesterday. But considering that I reached home at almost 12. It’s excusable.

So anyway,

A bone head is those people who make silly faces behind a camera.

And this guy’s really REALLY good at it.

Samsung Galaxy S2 : Extreme Unboxing

How extreme is that?!

Well, there was this video of someone puking but then they took it off. So this is the 2nd best video after that. Come on, you have to admit that this advertisement is really pretty awesome.

Epic grind fail


This is the fail video I promised you. S, L and A.

Heart attack served on a plate.


Just watch it. I have nothing else to say.