5 ball juggling. By a machine


This totally blew my mind. H- Hoow the fuck. Lol. Seriously man. I can’t imagine if I stop updating myself for a month. The world would have left me stranded on a lonely island already.


Perfect landing without gears

Okay, this is probably one of the coolest and craziest shit that I’ve never seen before.

I never knew I wanted a pencil sharpener till I saw this.

That has got to be the greatest pencil sharpener of all time.

Heart attack served on a plate.


Just watch it. I have nothing else to say.

How to park a car in highway

Lol. I’m speechless.

WoW Player hits Level 85 without killing anything

Um, wtf?

I have nothing to say for this one. It’s true apparently.

Being on the ground and sneaking around mining and herbing and eventually archaeology, going everywhere to get every single point of discovery xp that you can, really gives you a chance to see an amazing world up close and personal. I spent hours swimming around reefs and flying to the farthest reaches of the maps.

If you like to explore, and enjoy a challenge I really REALLY recommend this, I have been playing since day 1 on other characters and I even have an original Loremaster (you know, back when it was hard) and I saw so MANY new things with Everbloom that it really made it worthwhile for me to continue on with this character, and each level was a major achievement!

No kills and only 1 quest in his entire conquest. I have nothing more to say.

You are seriously too bored dude.

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Sucker Punch


So I went out to hang with L and Z today. Decided to watch Sucker Punch, well, because it stars hot chicks in it.

And . Um.

It’s the most ridiculous movie

I’ve ever watched.

(Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead)

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