The Legend of Ashitaka

I just love Joe Hisashi’s music. Ah, it makes me feel like the world is such a great place when I keep listening to songs like these (:

Went out to study today so well, didn’t really had the mood to blog when I came back. It was KINDA fruitful I guess. Supposed to continue mugging when I get back but oh well you know me ^^.  On the side and really really random note to myself, I finally flashed to a different kernel other than DarkCore. It’s Semaphore! So far so good I would say.

Um, from what I can FEEL, it’s faster, and it gets a rough 3 to 400 higher in Quadrant. So, I guess it’s better? We’ll have to see about the battery life though. The thing that I really like is that the minimum brightness is set lower so I don’t have to use an app just for that. Well, so far so good! Also changed my boot animation to that of honeycomb. Just.. for the fun of it.



Catch a breath

Alright, I’m finally back! Yes exams takes the mood out of writing in blogs.

But it’s 2 down and 2 to go! the hardest part is over (maths). And I don’t have a paper today so well. Time to do stupid things lol. First of all, I finally bought a tablet!

2011-06-29 11.58.17

Wacom Pen and Touch.

Well, shan’t dwell into the details. But so far so good. It’s really responsive and sensitive. Though it feels rather weird. Cause the movement on the surface is relative to the screen size. So when I try to work with my 23” monitor it really isn’t effective. Opted to draw on my 14” laptop screen instead.

So, though it’s good and all, I’m really not used to it. And thanks to that I can’t produce clean lines. Since it’ll probably be a while before I manage to draw anything good I thought I should just let you see where I’m at now.


Not really great at the moment as you can see. But well, probably a week or two will get me used to it.

The other geek thing I did was, yes you guessed it. My phone again. Just flashed it to the latest Ficeto JVQ rom. (2.3.4) Also, overclocked with Tegrak to 1.2GHz. So, though it’s probably still not performing at it’s optimal, here’s my quadrant score.


So well, it’s a matter of time before I hit the 3k mark. (hints at someone)

Oh well, gonna take today slow and slowly revise. Yawns.


Well, I’m not going to dwell on the TouchWiz 4.0 because I don’t like it. The main thing is the lockscreen! Which I really really love.

Oh wait I forgot to mention what I did. Okay basically I flashed the Samsung Galaxy SII theme onto my Samsung Galaxy S. You might ask me why?

Because I can.

Back to the lockscreen.


I simply love the simplicity! And I left my music player on to show you the little bar on top that shows the now playing which has a semi-transparent background to it. (which I love). You can also drag it down to reveal controls, like this.


I’m like frickin in love with it. Sadly, I have no way of showing the swiping of the lockscreen. It works pretty similarly to the Windows Phone 7’s lockscreen so you get the idea (:

Firmware: 2.3.3
Baseband: I9000XXJVO
Kernel: XWJVH Dark Core 2.6
Build: DarkyROM 10.1 RE

Let’s see what more I can do with this baby ^^

Successfully flashed my phone

Fuck yeah!

Just flashed my Samsung Galaxy S with Darky’sROM (Voodoo included, not sure about CWM)

Okay lah, long story short, I finally made my phone faster. (kinda voids the warranty, but, gah, I can’t stand the lag)

Um.. So I was saying that I was originally planning to trade in this phone for the S2. But… I don’t really see the point now that it’s so frickin fast lol. And uh, since this post doesn’t really serve much use, i’ll just post a random video up.

Samsung Galaxy S


Hello new phone!

Yes, I know that I said that I’m waiting for the Galaxy S II. But things that happened today that just kinda warrants me to get this.

The situation was this, my mum renewing her plan. So she has a couple of choices, and the thing is, the available phones that isn’t too ex are lousier than my phone. And, my dad’s plan also up for renewal, but he don’t need a new phone cause his workplace don’t allow phones with cameras.


Using my mum’s plan to renew, along with my dad’s (worth $200). The price dropped to about 300 bucks. Which, of course, paid with my own money.


I guess that we all win! (except my dad). My mum got my phone which is still in tip-top condition and still owning all those $0 phones. So yeah, I’m really pleased with this phone. The super amoled display is really (Y).


Yeah, screen cover and protection straight up. I’m planning to trade in this phone when the S II comes out. Assuming that this phone is worth about 300, I’ll probably need to pay… An extra 2~300 when the new one comes out. But obviously, I plan to wait awhile for the prices to drop before I change to S II. It may be a couple of months, even a year after it drops, but yeah I think I can survive with this for the moment.

And AT LAST, I get an android device for me to fuck around with. Ohhhh I can’t wait to do all the things that I wanted to do to a device like this ^^

So yeah!

This is a good Friday indeed.

Tips for phones

(click on for original size)

If you understand this. You don’t shop blindly for phones.

Alright, I’m going to do a post SPECIFICALLY about what kind of phones you should get. Because plainly speaking


So here goes.

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