Back to lessons

So after 3 weeks of holidays, 1 week of exams. We’re back to normal lessons again tomorrow.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Because I keep doing stupid things when I’m free. Okay, maybe not that stupid, but unproductive stuffs. Like flashing my phone, reading online articles, skating, watching anime.

Not that there’s any urgent reasons to revise my work, but I TOTALLY have no intention of revising at all. Since exams are just over and all. I know I know, it doesn’t mean that I can just totally slack off. (since a new term is starting and I haven’t completed my “self-study homework”. and yes, it’s set by my lovely math lecturer)

So, instead of just absolutely wasting my time away, I spend my time reading tech articles (or rather that’s the only thing I read online anyways, apart from funny screwed up stories). And I watch quite a few TED videos, you can view them for free over here.

It has a lot of cool stuffs. Might be a little dry, but when you’re bored and don’t mind gaining some random knowledge it’ll be a good place to go to.

Here’s a video that I really like.

Okay, all seriousness aside, here’s a video I promised you fags.

Of course, with such videos come awesome comments.


I should probably get the habit of posting the top comments of the videos I post because they are really really, lol.

Transformers 3!

2011-07-02 13.18.44

Hell yeah!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D!


I swear that technology is so frickin awesome. I really can’t tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. Watching the movie, it looks like the autobots has really been living with us for a long long time!

That aside, you definitely have to watch this movie. It’s so damn blooding exciting. Machines, explosions, fighting and hot chicks, what else could it possibly be lacking?!

THOUGH, the movie ended at like 11:45 and we missed the last train. And almost proceeded with the idea of walking back home. But thankfully that thought was scrapped and I managed to take a night bus home (First time). So yeah, pretty tired at the end of the day, had my last paper along with CIP after that.

Okay, I swear that CIP is ridiculous. Gardening in your school? How the fuck is that giving back to the community?

Either way, here’s a picture of us working

2011-07-01 14.47.52

Dig the soil, replant the plants. Uh.. Watering was fun cause we got to play with the fire hydrant? Ah, I don’t know what you call that, but it was a hose that definitely isn’t supposed to be used for watering plants.

So yep, taking a rest today. Maybe doing some drawing and stuffs.

Also, we got 2 of our paper’s score already. Cause it’s done online, so the marks are kind of instant. Which is kind of stressful pressing that submit button. Either way, I didn’t do too badly, could’ve done better though. Oh well. Will work harder for the next one.

Food is awesome

2011-05-23 11.37.49

This is like, the food that I’m eating almost everyday. Thanks to my classes almost always in the same location, and that this is probably the best you can get around that area.

If you’re from SP, it’s the hotplate store from FC3.

So uh, it’s really nice but I’m getting sick of it. The other reason why I’m writing this is because I’m having diarrhoea accompanied by a terrible stomach ache. And it sucks, especially when you’re in school. You’re constantly on the fear that you’ll run out of toilet paper, and that you can’t leave.

And the fact that it’s just plain gross.

Well, apart from that I’m currently in a dilemma, or not really since there’s 3 options. I don’t know if I should go for a really useless lesson that I don’t listen, and the lecturer doesn’t care.

Or if I should skip the lesson, and chill at some spot for 6 hours.

Or if I should just go home since I have this annoying diarrhoea.

It seems like I would regret every single decision I make. Because, I don’t want to stay at a spot for 6 hours, I hate that lesson, and I don’t really want to miss my training.

So… Well, basically it’s the re-enactment of

“Houston, we have a problem.”


Finally home and bathed. Man, having a CCA that ends late, and going to a school that’s at the other end of the country, really isn’t. Fun.

So yes you understand why I didn’t post today… yesterday?

Well, I don’t really have much to say right now. Maybe a video and I’ll go to bed. But before that I just felt like showing you guys my phone’s lock screen cause it’s sooo damn cute! ^^


Oh fuck. Now I’m hungry.

Oh well. Either way, I’m off for the moment! I think I will probably blog in class tomorrow ^^


I’m so bored.

Waiting for my friends to end class. Supposed to skate and all. Supposed to stay overnight in school. But… I think I’m just too damn lazy. Currently just slacking at a corner using my laptop.

Here’s my view.

2011-05-16 16.53.38

2011-05-16 16.53.04


Gah. I’m so sleepy. I feel like just going home to sleep. But I feel bad for doing that….

Ah screw it. I have no mood to blog right now.


Okay, not that the actual thing sucks. But the fact that a day only has 24hours is kinda sickening.

But I do have a lot of fun when I’m actually practicing 😀

Managed to learn another… 3 uhhh. uhhh. technique / skill / moves? (I have no idea what you call them) Oh well, seems like it’s progressing pretty fine. I wanted to take a picture to show how it looks like but uh..

I guess I forgot.

And since I can’t make it for the friday training. I guess it’ll have to wait a week before I’m able to post some pictures up! I’m like trying my best to make sure this post goes up before 12 so that I’ll feel at peace that I’ve made at least a post today.

So um, I guess I don’t really have much to say right now since I’m really really tired. But I think I just made a rather interesting comment on Facebook so I’ll just put it up here.

If you think he/she is worth it when they are always breaking your heart.
Ask yourself again, why?

She can only break your heart if she’s worth it, and if she’s worth it, then it’s worth breaking your heart over.
So basically you’re screwed if you find a girl that’s worth it and always breaks your heart.


2011-05-09 14.37.25

Damn, I overslept today by an hour plus. And of course, I reached school an hour plus late. The lecturer seems to be more amused than annoyed. So well, I guess all’s good. Except that she nags for no frickin reason.

Well, hanged with L on sat for no reason at all.

2011-05-07 22.13.31

Yeah, at the top of my area’s multi-storey car park. Just sat around talking shit, drinking and eating snacks. (no alcohol, that noob)

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