Slinky effect

This is cool.

Ok the main point of this is to at least post something. I totally forgot about my blog today. I was in a hypnotic-ally relaxed state. It was a total waste of time but at least I’m totally stress free at the end of it (:


Cristiano Ronaldo – Tested To The Limit

Man, you have to watch this.

I’ve never been more interested in Ronaldo then right now. I think the test where he had to hit the ball in the dark is pretty darn interesting. Makes me feel like playing soccer right now =/

(p.s. 996th post!)


Nerd science – Time

Perception of time:

How do you tell if time has really passed?

Why can’t you tell when an hour has passed without looking at a watch? Why are you able to do three things at once? Does coffee make time go faster? Neuroscientsts explain how our brains tell time – or don’t.

Be sure to check out the source article. I find it quite interesting to know how we actually perceive time.

[via io9 ]