Twitter security update

Aright if you have read the tech bloggies then you should already know about this. But I doubt that people who comes my blog are really geeks and all. So here’s what.

Twitter has finally gave an option for https connection. Basically, it’s just a more secure connection from your computer to the server. So hackers with malicious intent has lesser chances of doing anything stupid. Of course, it’s not totally foolproof but it’s better than nothing.

Basically, just go to your settings page, scroll to the bottom and check this option.


And your url should look like this


Also, facebook has that option if you don’t know yet.

Many people argue that all these security should be on be default and it should be very hard to disable. However I disagree. Mainly because using this connection actually consumes more bandwidth. If the entire community switches at the same time they’ll have to account for a large overhead in bandwidth. This way they can cope with it. much more easily. Also many other reasons, but I THINK that is the one.

IMPORTANT: facebook

Alright if you haven’t changed yet. I suggest that you do it ASAP. It has finally arrived for the SG servers.. Probably a few days ago. So anyway

Go to your facebook settings


Click on account security



“Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible”

It’s probably not the best method of beating people who tries to be funny. But then again, this is better than nothing. when you’re done, the URL should look like this


So yep, cheers.