Results are out.


Results are out, and I basically fucked myself. Over and over again. Sigh.

Rather disappointed in myself. And another rude awakening call in my face. I don’t know man. This is rather saddening. Though I have confidence that I’ll do better next semester cause it’s finally the topics that I like and are rather familiar with.

I swear I’ll get all my As next semester.


I learnt a lesson


I either suck at crayons, or this isn’t supposed to be crayon coloured.


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Long train rides

so.. I’m on the train on the way to school. Honestly i have nothing to do at all. Just an hour ride for an hour of lesson since i’m gonna skip the next one. So what better thing can i do other than blog on my phone?

I realized that i’m almost always chatting with S when i’m on the train. She’s like “why the hell are you always on the train?” i have absolutely no frickin idea. So i started thinking about it…

I take 2 hours in total to & fro school. Let’s say i go everyday, which is 10hours a week. 52 weeks in total. 520hours in total. Minus all the holidays and stuffs. Which brings it down to… About 300hours?


Okay, this sucks now that i’m seeing it so clearly. Okay screw it, i’m just gonna listen to my music.

I did something stupid.


So I bought ankle/wrist weights. Uh.. It’s 2KG each.

I tried attaching it to my ankle and doing leg raise. After quite some struggle i manage to do 2. Which kind of make me realize: “Holy crap I can barely lift 4KG with my tummy”

So uh. I’m currently wearing them on my wrist, typing this ridiculous post. And honestly, it isn’t that bad, for some reason it’s my back that is feeling the strain. Actually my whole body is screaming

“Dude, wtf are you doing.”

But whatever!

I’m really really shagged. Went out today with the intention of buying clothes. Apparently mission fail. I just don’t know what to buy. Though on the way home I found this set of earphones that I want for quite some time, which costs $120 right now. Almost bought it.

I guess the geek instinct will always be there!

I fucked myself

Alright I have 10mins to do this before I go to school.

So I was supposed to submit a form about my year 2 electives and it’s kind of my majors. So… Thing is I forgot. They’ve given us 3 days to think about something that would happen roughly 6months later…

I know that it’s kind of my fault for forgetting about it… but heck. I feel damn screwed either way. Of course, I know that if they are logical about it they wouldn’t just kick me out of the school. Still, there’s this unsettling feeling I get due to the possibility of such shit happening.

I guess I’ve learnt something rather important. That is…


(wow I wrote this in 2mins)