You have a death wish punk?


I was going to do a really boring post. But something happened right before I reached home.

So I was at a cross junction. The traffic lights were red. There was a car beside me which suddenly revved up it’s engine.


Then he let the brakes go, the tires screeched, he zoomed forward at an amazing speed.

And he travelled 5 meters.


Before he slammed the brakes because he realized that he was looking at the wrong traffic light, he almost got himself killed cause well, the traffic light turned green, but not for his direction.

Then, he reversed slowly back into his place. All the pedestrians turned and stared at him. A middle age guy laughing in his car cause of the screw up he made.

Of course, when the traffic lights turned green for real, he didn’t try that same antic again cause he just embarrassed the balls out of him.

So yeah, it was pretty interesting and funny at the same time. That’s a classic example of fail + you have a death wish.

Alright, now for the boring part. Skated again, so. I’m really really tired. I’m going to sleep right after writing this post. So uhhh. Since the work is pretty much from morning to night. I MIGHT, not be able to write any posts for the next 3~4 days.

BUT, of course, being the awesome me, I SHOULD be able to squeeze some time before I head off and before I jump into lala land. We’ll see about that! So since it’s a pain in the ass to make another post for this. Here’s a pretty interesting parody of the addictive, Party Rock Anthem.