What a pain in the ass

So… I haven’t blog for quite many hours. For a few reasons.

First, I reached home late after skating so I was too tired to write anything. Then there was this part about me testing out Windows 8. More on that in a bit. But the main thing is that I fucked up really badly, and had to restore my laptop back to factory settings, and I spent practically the rest of the day updating my entire system back.

The good thing is that I had a spare brand new 750GB external hard drive lying around, so I managed to back up all my data (screw the settings)

So when things go as planned (when you’re restoring) it feels good because well,

“the feeling that a backup plan saved your ass
is a really good feeling.”

Though, the first time I restore, I accidentally closed the lid sent it into a standby mode which screwed it up and I had to do it again. So one of the few programs (that is big), that I initially downloaded is

(71.4%) 1.8 minutes remain_2011-09-15_18-54-06

Now, when you’re able to download something at 2.2mbps, it gives you a good feeling. Though it’s no where near fibre optic speeds but well, I’m pretty happy with it.

Now, back to Windows 8. Um, it’s the developer preview. You can download the ISO at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516

But be warned,

it’s a really really early build. Like alpha state. (that’s why it’s called the developer preview) And.. To be brutally honest, it’s one shitty piece of shit.

I generally haven’t encountered any bugs that is… unmanageable. But the so called re-designed UI is, really confusing as fuck. You might have seen the videos and see how cool it is to see how things switch here and there and here and there. But it’s just, really really annoying to me. I do not enjoy using it at all.

And since I did the installation wrongly, I ended up losing my W7 partition, and well you know the rest. So um, be warned that if you want to try it. Make sure that you know how to do a dual-boot and partitioning by yourself. Or else things would get really really really bad. Or just try it on some spare PC that you have lying around. (The minimum specs is lower than W7)

Anyway, here’s a 8minute video that Lifehacker has sort of edited out from the keynote that gives you a general idea on how Windows 8 works

Okay, first, I really really hate it. But then again, this is an Alpha build. The end product could look totally different. But what I can say is that Microsoft, this is the wrong way to integrate tablet into desktop.

HOWEVER, I HAVE to add on. That it is wonderfully done for such an early build. The system is responsive to all interactions. Even more than windows 7. I think that the redesigned kernel is marvellous. In fact, this is the first time that I love everything that’s under the hood but nothing on the surface, as I generally do not like the redesigned windows explorer as well.

So to a normal user, I don’t know how you will react to Windows 8. But I think the the core fundamentals of the Windows 8 operating system is really well done. They implemented system wide hardware acceleration, low power state, kernel hibernation, HTML5 native apps.

Well, I shan’t be too geeky over here. Just search online for more details if you’re interested. They’ll do a much better job of explaining than I could. For now, I’ll get back to finish tweaking my system.

Clean your laptop regularly


Yeah I know, the amount of stuffs I have pinned to my taskbar doesn’t really make it minimal but I use them really frequently so.. it’s better than having it strewn all over the desktop!

I also removed the “I just rest before I’m lazy” from the laptop cover

2011-08-27 21.24.44

Because well, it makes it look nicer without it blocking the VAIO. And I’m pretty much sick of it so yeah. I had planned to take a picture of all my cleaning stuffs but it’s too much of a pain.

You need some kind of a cleaning solution, a normal cloth, and a micro fibre cloth. I also use my vacuum cleaner. Cause, things get stuck between and under your keys, which is impossible to wipe out. (unless you dismantle everything)

Warning, don’t vacuum the places where there’s fans (like the vent or smth). Cause making the fan spin faster than it should will spoil it. Unless you’re really careful and use a brush of some sort, don’t try it. Well, keeping your computer clean will rid it off stupid problems, and it just makes me feel better when it’s all clean and shiny.

p.s. I feel like removing I’M NOT LAZY. Sometime soon perhaps?

Now I know where the traffic comes from

I’ve been wondering.. how the heck did people find my blog?!


As you can see, only 50 people go to this blog like, directly. If I count the in the posts that was posted today (Cause it’s published on fb and twitter so people click on it directly).

It’s 69 in total. (coincidence I swear)

What about the rest? there’s like 76 from some other random old posts. So if I include the search terms (on wp), I’ll add in another 61. So left with 15. Well, after some searching, I finally found out the reason why.



Well, you know I’ve been participating in the postaweek/postaday challenge. And, if you go to those two addresses, you’ll actually see my blog being featured there.

Considering that,


That really REALLY makes me happy somehow ^^



Well, I’m not going to tag this post because well.. I don’t really want this conceited post to find it’s way up there somehow.

Well, it’s all good and all but there’s something that I’m a little sad about.

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The Legend of Ashitaka

I just love Joe Hisashi’s music. Ah, it makes me feel like the world is such a great place when I keep listening to songs like these (:

Went out to study today so well, didn’t really had the mood to blog when I came back. It was KINDA fruitful I guess. Supposed to continue mugging when I get back but oh well you know me ^^.  On the side and really really random note to myself, I finally flashed to a different kernel other than DarkCore. It’s Semaphore! So far so good I would say.

Um, from what I can FEEL, it’s faster, and it gets a rough 3 to 400 higher in Quadrant. So, I guess it’s better? We’ll have to see about the battery life though. The thing that I really like is that the minimum brightness is set lower so I don’t have to use an app just for that. Well, so far so good! Also changed my boot animation to that of honeycomb. Just.. for the fun of it.


Changed theme, again.


If you’re like, fans of the previous theme and is currently cursing at the screen for me changing the theme then well..

Sucks to be you.

HAHAHAHAHA. Okay honestly though, I like this better cause it looks, slightly more professional. And by professional, I meant wordy. And by wordy I meant that it has better typography, to me at least. But mainly because I’m bored of it.

I’m still trying to include more words in my posts.

I’m pretty happy right now because lo and behold! I broke the 20k visitors! In about 11 months!


Well, not really that amazing but the part that makes me smile comes from here.


Since I’m not really blogging for the sake of visitors. This small little achievement simply turns my frown upside down!

Though, I have to mention something though, people seem to find my blog in the most unusual ways. So much so that it’s so fascinating that I HAVE to share this with you guys. I mean, I know that the internet is screwed up. But, how the heck did it turn out like this?

I’ll make the interesting search terms red.

Search Views
reverse rape 39
homer 21
fight for love 19
funny harry potter jokes 18
30-sai no hoken taiiku 14
anime kisses 12
fighting for love 12
funny harry potter 12
victorique 11
best looking laptop 10
funny harry potter pictures 10
seba fr1 2011 10
okumura rin 9
tired 8
samsung galaxy s 8
condom 8
the hangover 2 7
kore wa zombie desu ka haruna 7
how i met your mother quotes 7
girls gone wild 7
kanade tachibana 7
condom advertisement 7
superman drawing 7
love worth fighting for 7
star driver quotes 7
anime shock 6
funny harry potter facebook conversations 6
l lawliet 6
harry potter joke 6
dragon crisis rose 6
birthday comics 6
human planet 6
ciel phantomhive 6
intel inside idiot outside 5
30 sai no hoken taiiku 5
lawliet 5
b__by_aoao2-d3iypuw 5
computer idiots 5
weird shirts 5
kira yamato 5
tumblr style 5
disney castle gif 4
best looking laptop 2011 4
urahara kisuke 4
funny harry potter pics 4
the money of soul and possibility control 4
samsung galaxy 4
hilarious weird 4
drawing superman 4
misaki neko 4
fuck this life wallpaper 3
gosick victorique 3
ulquiorra cifer 3
voldemort better than vader 3
break up tumblr 3
despicable me tumblr 3
radiation funny 3
birthday fuck yeah 3
galaxy s1 3
hollow man ichigo 3
hangover 2 3
ashita boku wa kimi ni ai ni yuku lyrics 3
barney quotes from how i met your mother 3
ytso 2011 live screening 3
lorong halus wetland map 3
advertisements 3
harry potter jokes 3
seba fr1 3
palm grip mouse 3
barney stinson quotes 3
facebook harry potter 3
sexy tempered boob 3
old school linux distro 3
weird t-shirts 3
animes awesome 3
weird sexy 3
lorong halus 3
idiot inside 3

Data taken from the past 30days. (I excluded results with less than 2 views)

I mean, yeah, I do search for some pretty retarded stuffs sometimes but come on, this kind of searches are just, wtf. Especially with the reverse rape. It’s constantly being searched by other people. Why the fuck are you searching for things like that?!

And these are the more popular search results. The remaining ones are, just plain awkward.

pervert energy
lelouch fuck this shit
gay priest funny
i blame this idiot
rape anime
is iris online boring
سامسونج جلكسي

YES. Someone searched my blog in Tamil, or whatever language that is. So well, yeah, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with these people but hey. You totally make my day when I see stats like these man.

Oh well, I’ll do posts like these from time to time. Because, as a teen, it is very fascinating to see how screwed up the people in the world is. For my own entertainment and hopefully yours (:

Catch a breath

Alright, I’m finally back! Yes exams takes the mood out of writing in blogs.

But it’s 2 down and 2 to go! the hardest part is over (maths). And I don’t have a paper today so well. Time to do stupid things lol. First of all, I finally bought a tablet!

2011-06-29 11.58.17

Wacom Pen and Touch.

Well, shan’t dwell into the details. But so far so good. It’s really responsive and sensitive. Though it feels rather weird. Cause the movement on the surface is relative to the screen size. So when I try to work with my 23” monitor it really isn’t effective. Opted to draw on my 14” laptop screen instead.

So, though it’s good and all, I’m really not used to it. And thanks to that I can’t produce clean lines. Since it’ll probably be a while before I manage to draw anything good I thought I should just let you see where I’m at now.


Not really great at the moment as you can see. But well, probably a week or two will get me used to it.

The other geek thing I did was, yes you guessed it. My phone again. Just flashed it to the latest Ficeto JVQ rom. (2.3.4) Also, overclocked with Tegrak to 1.2GHz. So, though it’s probably still not performing at it’s optimal, here’s my quadrant score.


So well, it’s a matter of time before I hit the 3k mark. (hints at someone)

Oh well, gonna take today slow and slowly revise. Yawns.


Well, I’m not going to dwell on the TouchWiz 4.0 because I don’t like it. The main thing is the lockscreen! Which I really really love.

Oh wait I forgot to mention what I did. Okay basically I flashed the Samsung Galaxy SII theme onto my Samsung Galaxy S. You might ask me why?

Because I can.

Back to the lockscreen.


I simply love the simplicity! And I left my music player on to show you the little bar on top that shows the now playing which has a semi-transparent background to it. (which I love). You can also drag it down to reveal controls, like this.


I’m like frickin in love with it. Sadly, I have no way of showing the swiping of the lockscreen. It works pretty similarly to the Windows Phone 7’s lockscreen so you get the idea (:

Firmware: 2.3.3
Baseband: I9000XXJVO
Kernel: XWJVH Dark Core 2.6
Build: DarkyROM 10.1 RE

Let’s see what more I can do with this baby ^^