Doctor Who Quote

But I just wondered, between you and me, in 100 words, where do you think Van Gogh rates in the history of art?

Well, big question. But, to me, Van Gogh is the finest painter of them all. Certainly, the most popular, great painter of all time, the most beloved. His command of colour the most magnificent. He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of  our world, no-one had ever done it before. Perhaps no-one ever will again. To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world’s greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.


One of the finest part of the show I’ve ever seen. Nearly brought tears to my eyes. We all know that Van Gogh had lived a tough life and his paintings ain’t worth a penny while he’s still alive. So the Doctor took him to the future and showed him that his life is worthwhile and valuable.

Tear jerking moment indeed.

Weird train ride

Alright, so before I start. I’ve recently started to use my computer on the train when I’m on my way to school. I realize that it really removes almost all the boredom.

So anyway, it’s the same routine again today. However I’m watching this new sitcom called


So it’s basically about outsourcing the manual labour to other countries, in this case, India. And it’s about the call centre that we’re so familiar with.

So well, the thing is. Two indians sat down beside me. And stare at the screen. Before taking a couple of glances at me. I don’t know, I feel like they think I’m racist or something. But… it’s weird. Especially when they just stare at it for almost the entire train ride.

Okay I’m really tired now. Will do a proper post tomorrow about today and yesterday.

1st insomnia

Well. since I’m always unnecessarily awake at times I should be asleep. I created a new category called insomnia. I swear it’ll be interesting to read back and see how fucked my brain is at night.

So… I think i need to buy a new hard drive relatively fast. Just 1 day after formatting my com. I’ve downloaded 15.8GB of stuffs. Well. I have no idea how I did it, but I sure succeeded in it!

So erm. Yeah, I realized that I’m a hoarder. Of data. I can’t seem to let go of data even though I know that the chance of me reviewing all of them again isn’t THAT high but I just can’t let it go man. It’s hard, it’s like a part of me!



Anyway, found a new sitcom. It’s called..

According to Jim


And according to wikipedia it’s been a rather old show. So well, who cares. There’s like 8 season. Dled 2, the other 6 is on it’s way. I have no idea how funny it is. And according to the first episode, no. It’s not very funny. But that’s how it is at the start, you can’t expect THAT much from them.

I’ve been watching another show as well. Cartoon I guess? It’s called



Also another old show. But recently found it due to some geek referrals here and there. So well. I think I should sleep now. I promised myself. If I’m not able to study at least 4 hours tomorrow. I’ll not watch any anime for the rest of this week!

Trust me it’s tough =/