No point crying over spilt milk


Apparently, I saw the date wrongly and my first paper is today instead of tomorrow. so. Well, whatever. It’s a bummer but it’s not like all hope is lost.

All I have to do,
is just acing the remaining two papers.

And since the GPA required to take that extra module is 3.0 instead of 3.5(that I originally thought), I guess I should be able to scrap through somehow without too much trouble. Yeah it’s a waste I know. It sucks. But meh. It’s not the first bad thing that ever happened and it’s not the worst either. (still, this leaves a really bad after taste)


I better start figuring out how to do all the math questions before I get screwed over on thursday.

2 down 2 to go


First two papers that I have a decent amount of confidence is over.
Now for the faggy paper.


GARH. Why didn’t I practice enough?! But then again, it’s not like I would really have practiced really hard. But man. I used to like maths. A long time ago. Until one day I got lazy and found out that I’m lagging and shitz, it’s just too troublesome.

Well, hopefully tomorrow’s paper won’t be too hard.

And hopefully it’ll be testing on the stuffs I already know. Or know how to do rather. Other than some fucked up shit. Well, for today’s paper I’m like, secretly hoping to get an A. Though… It’s kinda hard. I know I made like a couple of mistakes here and there. But hell, I’ll scrape through!

Friday is just a stupid paper. Nothing much to study. Just gonna read through tomorrow. Oh yes. Can’t wait for friday. End of everything, plus bowling.

But I’ll be on hiatus on Sat ~ Sun though. Gonna head over to M’sia for the weekend.

No. I hate going overseas. (Unless it’s like japan, or london, or new york, or paris, or england, or some place cool and I have the time & money to screw around)

I like to stay in my comfort zone. I hate it when I don’t have internet. I hate it when at the end of the day, I can’t use my computer. I hate sleeping on other beds. I hate listening to stupid foreign languages. I hate stupid cultures.

Ok screw it. Anime time.



Just an image I took the other day at The Cathay. Kinda surprised by the image quality. Guess there really is quite a it of light :O

Well, I’m currently just stuck in school with nothing much do for 1.5hours! So I thought, what other interesting thing can I do (without draining my laptop battery), other than blogging?

Though I don’t really have a lot of things to say. It’s much better than stoning and staring in the distant scenery. So why didn’t I just find a place where there’s tables and chairs to chill out, yet instead we’re camping at the staircase like a bunch of hobos?

Well, it’s rather easy to figure out.


So yeah, it’s kinda annoying. Ah screw it I’m just going to play music and sing like an idiot.


Alright, finally time for me to do a proper post.

Basically, I finally bought my pair of sneakers! Beige, converse shoes.


And I finally cut my hair! ^^ Obviously I won’t post a picture. If you see me.. then yay! All those people who’ve been asking me to cut my hair

Okay my IE(intro to engineering) is screwed, soldering iron got problem blahblahblah.