Yam Ah Mee Presidential Club Mix

Fuck yeah he’s back!

HAHHAHAA. I didn’t mange to watch the live broadcast yesterday though. But hey, it’s not everyday that we get a new president lol.


YoYoFactory Cat 1A World Champion

I’m just proud to say that he’s a Singaporean. ^^

Well, a little busy messing with my Android, full posts tomorrow!

Singapore is gone!

I find this really really amusing so I just had to post this.

From the anime,

C – The possibility of Money and Control


[EVR] [Doki] C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control - 09 (1280x720 h264 A_2011-06-19_22-24-38

They literally wiped us off the map LOL.


I wonder what we did to piss off the anime produces so much LOL.

Then following this post. Which I don’t really understand what it’s about, but the comments are really interesting so I feel complied to post up the entire thread. I’m sure you’ll be amused too.



Army song: Mr Brown

LOL. Man, I totally forgot about the Mr Brown show. This is damn bloody funny.

And uh, basically, the Mr Brown show is a popular singapore podcast that touch on various singapore news and random stuffs that’s happening.So.. Yes, there’s a lot of Singlish involved. And… I guess I’ll just break it down for you.

BMT: Basic Military Training
ROD: Run Out Date (when you finish army)
ICT: In Camp Training
Gahmen: Government
Lau peng: Old Soldier
Lau cheow(jiao): Old Veteran
Tekong: Name for an Army camp
Chiong sua: Rush the mountain (lameyang)
2.4: The amount of kilometers to run
PC: Platoon Commander/Corporal?
Kiwi: Name of the brand of the boots polish
Tekan: Punished

What a joke seriously.

It’s a great great world

Watched this with S X Z the other day.

I think it’s a rather awesome show. It allows us to see back into the past on how Singapore used to be. It consists of 3 or 4 small stories within. All linking to 大世界.

I mean, each story isn’t particularly interesting or exciting, but it’s not bad lah I guess. I like historical shows for some reason. It’s fascinating to me that we can go back in time and see what’s happened then. What our parents experienced and all.

Which also makes me realize that it can’t be blamed if the older generation don’t understand us or the gadgets we use these days. Things were so simple back then.

Singapore Zoo!

SO… I went to the Zoo. Don’t ask me why, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, joined by 7 other retarded people.

I don’t know what I can say about the zoo. In fact, recently I watched on Mentalist where two guys were talking

A: Have you ever been to a Zoo?
B: No, why will I pay to watch animals?

BUT HEY. I like animals, so.. Well, whatever,
Total pictures taken : 444
Storage: 1.78GB

So here are the pictures! Rest are on FB!



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F1. My take on it.

My bro showed me this.