Site update: Theme


Alright, I’ve gone and changed the theme!

I do like simplicity and minimalistic look after all. It makes me feel at home (: All the widgets have largely stayed unchanged so I guess I just removed all the things that don’t really matter and just bring you the most important thing of all!


Also, it seems like I’m unable to change font family with this theme and I’ll be stuck with the pre-determined header styles. Oh well, might as well.

I noticed that the font is a little small but hey. You can always enlarge it so.. Meh screw it.

Okay, I’ve been really tired these days so I wasn’t able to do a proper post like this. So just fyi, all the posts up till now are still content I’ve sourced from 2010. I guess I took too much shit then and I couldn’t post it all. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure the 2011 ones will be even more awesome 😀

So anyway, decided to take a rest today and not do anything crazy. Went to eat Sakae though, not exactly my favourite place but I was hungry and all So… So yes I need to test out a format.

I just want to lie down and dream.

Alright, seems like the blockquote doesn’t really do much in this theme.

Okay so anyway, a little short story from this morning. I was heading down to the MRT station, and at the front door there’s like 2 line of people. Both trying to get in without opening the door you know. Cause everyone’s so fucking lazy. So apparently I was kinda stuck in between the two lines and I can’t exactly get in cause if I open any other doors I will whack some person who’s trying to get in. But then again, I wasn’t exactly in the brightest of mood, so I just went ahead and push the door open. And WHAM! It hit some woman on her leg/butt/whatever, thing is. I hit her. So she’s like “wtf” face. I showed her the “awww” face. Waved my hand and walked off.

Moral of the story.

Don’t be so fucking lazy and

just open the fucking door.