By some miracle, I decided to go home earlier today. (okay I’m just tagging along with my friend) So I have sufficient time to do a proper post in a long time!

2011-07-27 18.34.05

Been wanting to show you guys how skates looked like for a really long time! Keep forgetting. Of course, the sky isn’t so dark. I reduced the exposure so that the sky will still retain some of it’s details.

The actual brightness is something like this.

2011-07-27 18.33.46

But you can’t see the sky right?

So anyway, I managed to take a rather good shot. (considering that it’s my phone)

2011-07-27 18.35.43

Well, slacking more now during CCA cause it’s kind of a pain in the ass to keep trying my best at all times. There are quite a few funny things that happened here and there but the one that I can remember most clearly is what my friend told me last week.

His lecturer bought a new laptop, so as you know, it will go into standby mode after some time if you didn’t change the settings. So he was like

"Sorry class, I just got my laptop, so I haven’t changed it’s settings, hence I have to keep fingering it to keep it stimulated.”

Obviously the class roared into a thunderous laughter, but then he added the 2nd punch line

“Oh sorry let me phrase it in another way, I have to stimulate it to keep it turned on”

LOL. That is one epic lecturer to have in your class. ❤

So, that’s more or less the thing that I want to write about today. (there was this other racist joke that happened yesterday, but I guess it’s not as funny written out)

NOW, HARRY POTTER. I watched it yesterday, but I guess I’ll leave it to the next post!

Cause we’re asians

Random joke.

What asian parents tell their kids when they get back their results, “You are not B-sians, you are A-sians.”

That aside, this kid is ridiculously good man. Also, I’m so damn tired right now. All the skates training is killing my legs/toes. But I still feel like skating :X

Couple of things

2011-05-28 17.50.29

(click on image for full resolution)

First, I tested out the panorama mode on my phone. And I must say that it performed SPLENDIDLY. I was shaking a little so there’s a spot that didn’t stick well. Either way, I’m really pleased with the results, and you BET I’m going to try and take more shots like these.

Yeah skated to punggol again. The view is just lovely (:

Roughly 10km in total. Maybe I should set a target. Plot out a route on Google Maps and follow it. 20km next time? 😀

Okay the other part is that

I finally flashed my phone to Gingerbread 2.3.3!

YEAHHHH! It feels even smoother than Froyo. Which, by it’s own right is already really really fast. But man, it makes me smile when something just works out perfectly. A little troublesome to show screenshots but well, some other day I guess! Ah. So tired.

Okay, just a random thing, I’m currently watching Hidan no Aria. I downloaded from a different source cause… the main one isn’t out yet. GG subs, they’re usually great. But I think they are fucking around for this series. They are like, giving literal translations.

Even without fireworks, night’s sea, if Kin-chan is soba it is good.

What the fuck?! LOL.
What it actually means is.

Even with fireworks or not, whether we’re at the sea at night or not, it’s fine as long as I’m by your (Kin-chan) side .

Shirayuki, how?
Correct:  Shirayuki, what’s wrong?

Something did happen?
Correct: Did something happen?

Recently I told Kin-chan’s fortune
Correct: I read Kin-chan’s fortune recently.

To stop being
Correct: Not here anymore

Do the kiss
Correct: Kiss me.

Any time let’s go back
Correct: It’s about time we go back

It goes on an on. Like really lol. I never knew that literal jap translation can be so hilarious. But it also made me realize, hey! I can listen pretty well ^^


Finally home and bathed. Man, having a CCA that ends late, and going to a school that’s at the other end of the country, really isn’t. Fun.

So yes you understand why I didn’t post today… yesterday?

Well, I don’t really have much to say right now. Maybe a video and I’ll go to bed. But before that I just felt like showing you guys my phone’s lock screen cause it’s sooo damn cute! ^^


Oh fuck. Now I’m hungry.

Oh well. Either way, I’m off for the moment! I think I will probably blog in class tomorrow ^^

Urban Madness

Okay, not really madness but it just has a nice sound to it.

Basically, this trip consists of 2 big fucks, and many other small fucks.

I went from, my house, to some where in the middle of the Tampines Express Way, to Hougang, to end of Punggol, to Lorong Halus Wetland, then back home.

To make things clearer, here’s a map marking my journey. I colour coded it so it’s more understandable.


Blue: To express way
Red: To Hougang
Green: To punggol / Lorong Halus
Purple: Back home

Ah, this is going to be a long post.

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Impromptu AFK

Okay, maybe it isn’t that obvious since I’m still posting everyday.

But yeah we stayed over in school last night. I really don’t know if this is a good idea to post all of it out. But meh. It wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t. (since this is a blog after all).

And no, sadly, I do no have any pictures. It was dark, I was tired, we were playing. So to make up for it, here’s an image from DeviantArt.

[via NothernBanshee ]

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I’m so bored.

Waiting for my friends to end class. Supposed to skate and all. Supposed to stay overnight in school. But… I think I’m just too damn lazy. Currently just slacking at a corner using my laptop.

Here’s my view.

2011-05-16 16.53.38

2011-05-16 16.53.04


Gah. I’m so sleepy. I feel like just going home to sleep. But I feel bad for doing that….

Ah screw it. I have no mood to blog right now.