Editing a lot of pictures is quite tiring


Sadly, I’m home alone today. During holidays, if you’re not going out and there’s no food at home. Your diet becomes somewhat of a pain in the ass. I sent out a tweet hoping that people would come over and get me some food on the way.

Obviously, everyone’s too busy with their god damned lives.

So I resorted to instant noodles, and I thought, there’s no way I’m going to do that again for dinner. However, walking… is too troublesome. I thought, well, I guess I should practice my skates today, and at the same time, get dinner on the way home.

Just skating can get a little boring. So I took my camera out and see what I can do. Again, I should really get a tripod. I now understand why those hobbyist always bring a frickin huge tripod around.


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Sleeping feels weird

2011-06-21 23.40.27

For some strange reasons I decided to go and skate last night.

Okay maybe it’s not that strange. I just felt really stiff and needed some way to make myself sweat and feel better. Sadly that didn’t go as well as I thought it would.

Since I was practicing half the time, all the spinning made me feel really really giddy. I gave up skating after an hour or two cause I was too giddy. So the plan to make myself feel better pretty much failed miserably.

And because I was so giddy I wasn’t able to get to sleep. Which caused me to flip around in bed thinking about random stuffs again. But thanks to that I managed to think of something pretty good to write about. Which, I am going to do so in a moment. I’m kind of out studying right now but since it hasn’t started yet, I’ll finish this and make sure there’s no distractions later!

Skating at ECP


Okay, this is a little tiring even for me. But today was pretty fun, went skate/cycling with P and V. Quite unusual but meh!

So I decided to take a few more shots today. And.. it was worth it!

2011-06-07 12.19.08

YES. I know what you’re thinking, it’s an awesome shot. I think so too.

Yes I know the alignment isn’t perfect. But come on, I’m using my handphone and I’m on skates! Don’t be so demanding! Then, I decided to take a picture of the sky!

2011-06-07 12.19.36

I’m just… really stunned by the image I got. Ah. I want to learn more about photography!

I wasn’t planning to split the post but the image is really large and it’s kind of swallowing the entire blog, so sorry but you really really have to see this!

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Another eventful day


The highlight of the day, Hangover 2. I will definitely recommend everyone to watch it because it’s so screwed up it’s actually funny.

However it’s M18, so unless you want to learn from us (buy x-men then sneak in)
p.s. Only 4 of us were legal.

Either way, it’s a really awesome movie. So I dedicate this music video to all the peeps that watched it together today 😀

Then we went skating at Pasir Ris park!

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Urban to town

2011-06-04 18.16.27

From AMK to Somerset.

About 10km I guess? But we were going really really really slow. So I kind of stop “skating” and started enjoying the scenery instead. And that made things a lot better. Though it’s kinda boring that we know where we are going.

I prefer to just, go, and don’t know where you’re going. Until of course you feel like you’re thoroughly fucked (:

2011-06-04 18.16.33

Uh. I didn’t take more pictures cause.. Well, it’s kind of hard to do so. And that there isn’t really much that I can take that wouldn’t make it repetitive.

I feel kinda bad for the 2 freshies cause, well, this is kinda hard in a sense. And that for quite some way the floor is pretty wet. Even I had difficulty going up properly. So well, Kudos to them for sticking all the way through.

I think I’m going pasir ris on monday, and ECP on tues to skate again. Cause I’m awesome like that! Thankgod it’s holidays and I can afford to spend my time like this. Though, I feel like I’m forgetting something really important about work… Either way, that’s about it! I’m too lazy to include what I eat, what happened when I ate, since, it’s boring anyway.

Though I have to say,

S, you have defied the laws of gravity and time by falling in slow motion.


Getting the feel back

“I was owning the shit out of the pedestrians.”

Okay so I went skating around today. Or as they call it, urban. (well, i guess it sounds cooler that way so I’m gonna use that word from now on, urban)

So um, went to have early dinner with S. Which lead to the opening quote. Skated from my house to Hougang. I guess it was pretty fun and all, though it was rather annoying since it just rained and the ground was like, wet.

But but but, the most important thing is that I THINK that I managed to get the feel back for skating already.

I practiced slalom again at my carpark and uh, almost immediately I was able to do crazy. (one of the basic techniques) So everything’s good!

Except that it’s not.

My left ankle is seriously fugged. It really hurts when I apply pressure at a certain posture. So.. I think I’m like going to a sensei tomorrow. For either some kind of foot massage or acupuncture. Hopefully it’ll work!


First training

Okay, I think that this will be words only cause I’m so damn bloody tired.

Mentally tired, not physically. I have no idea why when I didn’t even go to school today for lessons (overslept)

So, yeah! It was kinda boring cause it’s all the basics and stuffs. Plus i don’t have my own skates. Those broke like quite some time ago.

So… I counted, and seems like it’s been about 2 years since I’ve skated. I guess that I’m pretty happy that I still remember most of the stuffs. So.. It wasn’t that bad. But fuck my memory. There was this Macbeth play that I planned to go this friday, but totally forgot about it, and now I plan to buy my new skates and go for the training on friday. Oh well, it’ll probably get sorted out pretty soon.

Okay, I’m really, REALLY SLEEPY. so screw it. no more posts for today. Here’s a video to just end it all.