Step up 3D


Watched it today! Yep in 3D.

I would say that, it’s worth a watch., Well, probably not in 3D but who cares. Thing is, the dance is ridiculous good. And it would be a waste to watch at home unless you have a huge screen, then that doesn’t really makes a difference.

So anyway, the dancing is ridiculously good as usual. But the story line is just fucked up. It’s bloody cliche. It’s the most cliche of the cliche’s story line. Seriously.

So well, watch it for the dance, but don’t expect anything out of the story.

So anyway I checked up on my stats of my downloading again. And I noticed something damn incredible. So I’ll just do a screenshot to show you guys. Or it’ll sound rather unbelievable.


So uh.. That’s after 3 days. Yeap. Anyway, there’s an IT fair coming up soon. Comex 2010. I’m gonna beg my dad to get me a new external HDD. I definitely need it…

So er. Well, here’s a video! Something rather faggy (something I would do)