Why would you do that?!



Watching him count to 100,000

Accept this challenge if you dare.

Or Nyan-cat, or mudkipz. Either way, the internet is filled with things to waste your time.


ASUS Transformer

Um.. How bad can advertisements get?

Youtube gets serious about copyrights

Well, as you’ve known for awhile now, youtube has been removing all copyright materials in youtube. And it seems like things are gonna get worse with this campaign that they’re launching.

They’re going to make you waste 5mins of your life if you upload a copyrighted video.

And, after watching that video, it feels a lot of those videos that we’re used to seeing won’t be posted anymore. I mean yeah, it’s detrimental for the content creators, but with all this restrictions it feels like we’re moving back to the DRM world. Oh well. I don’t really upload anything except for stealing content form here and there. I ALWAYS PROVIDE A LINK BACK THOUGH. Or at least a link to the source. Most All of the time.

So yeah, enjoy this 5mins of Youtube education 😀

[ via YouTube Blog ]

Doing stupid things


So basically, look at the minimum temperatures. It’s kind of like, holy shit how did I get to such a low temperature suddenly! It’s easy.

I was vacuuming my room. And I decided to just such the air vent. Hence the drop in temperature.

Also, don’t try it lol. It’s not good for the laptops. Or more specifically, the fans. Oh well. Stupid things I do.

Everything finished


All the projects and presentations are done. Left with 1 more lab test on wednesday and it’s exams next week. !@#$%^&*(

The worst part is that we’re still learning new things. I mean, this is supposed to be revision. What the fuck man! So anyway, here’s a picture to commemorate the end of the bullshit.


So…. Think I’m gonna skip school tomorrow to study at home. (it’s KIND OF the study week anyway, probably no attendance taken)

Gonna take a short break and will be back with all the retarded videos ^^

Happy Chinese New Year


Fuck CNY.

Yes, I’m chinese. But I don’t get the whole celebration. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s not very relevant. Except for that Ang Bao that makes A LOT of sense and is VERY relevant to me.

Either way. I spent almost the whole day cleaning, courtesy of my mum. And.. It pretty much sucked.

Not the cleaning, that’s okay to me. But the CONSTANT nagging, on and on, for the past… Well, seeing that I woke up at about 10, so about the past 14 hours. It’s just the non stop droning while you’re just doing your thing. Constantly repeating the things that’s not done but not saying about what needs to be done or how you’ll go about doing it.

So yes I’m DEFINITELY not in the best of mood right now.

Let’s hope that Ang Bao changes it.