Back to lessons

So after 3 weeks of holidays, 1 week of exams. We’re back to normal lessons again tomorrow.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Because I keep doing stupid things when I’m free. Okay, maybe not that stupid, but unproductive stuffs. Like flashing my phone, reading online articles, skating, watching anime.

Not that there’s any urgent reasons to revise my work, but I TOTALLY have no intention of revising at all. Since exams are just over and all. I know I know, it doesn’t mean that I can just totally slack off. (since a new term is starting and I haven’t completed my “self-study homework”. and yes, it’s set by my lovely math lecturer)

So, instead of just absolutely wasting my time away, I spend my time reading tech articles (or rather that’s the only thing I read online anyways, apart from funny screwed up stories). And I watch quite a few TED videos, you can view them for free over here.

It has a lot of cool stuffs. Might be a little dry, but when you’re bored and don’t mind gaining some random knowledge it’ll be a good place to go to.

Here’s a video that I really like.

Okay, all seriousness aside, here’s a video I promised you fags.

Of course, with such videos come awesome comments.


I should probably get the habit of posting the top comments of the videos I post because they are really really, lol.