Happy Children’s Day


Make it black and white so it's not racist

I miss being in Primary school, or elementary school as others would put it.

My school used to have this, tradition. Everyone would each bring some snacks or sweets from home, then we’ll pool them together on a table. We’ll have games and shows and things to play with as we choose whatever snack we like from the table. “Fun” is understated when freedom and good food is available in school.

It pretty much sucks to grow up when I think about it like this. Though at my age, it’s a little confusing which age group I fall into.

“The society views me as a young adult,
but I’m legally adult,
but my mind’s still of a teen.”

Oh well. I think that children’s day should be a day where the young can have their part of fun, but the grown ups should be given a little leeway to relive their childhood. It’s a sucky notion that once you’ve lost your youth it’s forever gone.

Reality hits you hard bro

I once had an idea of writing down all my thoughts as I grow up. For example, what makes me sad, what makes me sad, how my days are like. So that I can refer to it when I grow up. Of course, that did not work out as it’s too much of a pain to do it regularly. So the natural transition is to become a blogger…? I think it would be good enough of a reference to see what I’ve written in retrospective.

Still, I do try to keep track of my thoughts.

I find that, becoming more matured, simply means better control of your emotions.

Okay, I have a sudden burst of ideas, time for a new post! Bottom line,

Happy Children’s Day everyone! Unleash the inner child.