Happy Children’s Day


Make it black and white so it's not racist

I miss being in Primary school, or elementary school as others would put it.

My school used to have this, tradition. Everyone would each bring some snacks or sweets from home, then we’ll pool them together on a table. We’ll have games and shows and things to play with as we choose whatever snack we like from the table. “Fun” is understated when freedom and good food is available in school.

It pretty much sucks to grow up when I think about it like this. Though at my age, it’s a little confusing which age group I fall into.

“The society views me as a young adult,
but I’m legally adult,
but my mind’s still of a teen.”

Oh well. I think that children’s day should be a day where the young can have their part of fun, but the grown ups should be given a little leeway to relive their childhood. It’s a sucky notion that once you’ve lost your youth it’s forever gone.

Reality hits you hard bro

I once had an idea of writing down all my thoughts as I grow up. For example, what makes me sad, what makes me sad, how my days are like. So that I can refer to it when I grow up. Of course, that did not work out as it’s too much of a pain to do it regularly. So the natural transition is to become a blogger…? I think it would be good enough of a reference to see what I’ve written in retrospective.

Still, I do try to keep track of my thoughts.

I find that, becoming more matured, simply means better control of your emotions.

Okay, I have a sudden burst of ideas, time for a new post! Bottom line,

Happy Children’s Day everyone! Unleash the inner child.

The meaning of happiness


“There is no light without darkness.”

Well. That’s probably the main point of this entire post.

Few months ago, I wrote that I want to make myself happy.

What I want. - Windows Live Writer_2011-05-24_17-59-56

And it’s the holidays now! So I have some time to think about things I usually don’t have time for. As usual, it’s the strangest string of events that lead me to think about this.

  1. Going out
  2. Staying home
  3. Doing things alone (hobby)
  4. Playing games with other people
  5. Playing games alone
  6. Trying something new
  7. Sticking to things I’m used to

Something like that. Example of hobby could be drawing photography or some geeky stuffs. And trying new things can be learning hard stuffs online or drawing on a tablet, and sticking to things I’m used to can be just using pencil and paper, or just sticking to the tech stuffs I know.

So yeah, I would say that there is SOME SORT of link between all of them.

“Well, I’m doing what I want without much stress/responsibilities right now. Am I happy?”

That thought came to my mind. If I had to choose no matter what, I guess, yeah, I’m happy.

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Social networks are pathetic

“You are a loser.”

That’s basically what I’m trying to say. So well, if you’re too lazy to read this, then at least know that that’s true!





If you use any of these services (unless for commercial purposes) you’re pretty much a loser. Which makes me a huge one. Not the point though.

The point is that, twitter has the highest “loserish” value of them all.

Before that, let’s start with the most popular one. Facebook. Why is it bullshit? Well, to be brutally honest, the main two things that people do is just

1. Gain popularity by posting unrealistically gorgeous photos of yourself.

2. Stalk people who does 1.

(note: I had to stress unrealistic)
Or, you could post pictures of yourself being out and about, having fun and things like that.But why would anyone care if you’re a fugly shit? Because they won’t. Unless you’re really good at Photoshop, or just plain beautiful.

In which case, it really doesn’t matter what kind of photos you post online because people are going to click on it anyway.

On the other hand it does makes planning outings, or sharing the pictures from outings really easy and convenient, though, you’re basically just sharing all your personal info with a third party company, expecting them to be fully considerate about your personal privacy, Well, you see where I’m going with this.

Since Myspace is similar, I shall talk about it.

But since Myspace is pretty much dead, there isn’t much I can say about it.

Moving on to Foursquare. Um, I don’t know why it needs to be said but, do you really need to tell everyone where you are? I get the whole idea of, if you’re able to see if your friends are nearby, you can like hang out and do shits like that.

Honestly, who the f- does that?

(Okay I’ll be using the fb check-in in conjunction with Foursquare cause it’s the same thing)

I mean, the only thing you’re doing is just to show off to everyone that


Yes, it could be fun and all, but I really don’t see the point of it all. Even if you don’t think about the consequences of telling everyone your physical location. It seems like a pretty stupid idea. Why would I want to know where you are unless I’m interested in you?

It just opens up a whole new avenue of stalking. So it’s like you’re intentionally wanting people to stalk you. Well, what a loser.


Well, I’m pretty much shooting myself in the foot by saying this but really, who cares about what’s going on in your life? I don’t know, maybe I’m not really interested in other people’s lives.

The only reason I can see for it’s existence, is to post status updates about your boring life, your complains and whatnots for the world to see. When everyone does the same thing, it gives other people the opportunity to see how much other peoples’ lives suck. And make them feel better about their own.

The upside is, once in a while, something interesting happens in your life and people reply you. Honestly, how often do people reply to your tweets? 140 characters really isn’t enough to describe your situation. So people think of clever words to spike interest in other people so that they can get at least some kind of reaction.

If you count the amount of tweets you have, and the amount of times someone actually said something about it (or retweet). Imagine if it was a real life scenario. Man, you’ll be such a dick.

In general, though social networks binds you and your friends closer together, it pretty much shows the sad state of the society. Where everyone lead such boring lives.

“And outside of that social circle,
I sit alone in a blog,
whining about it.
Sigh, such is life.

Practicing photoshop

So yeah, before this I was always trying to achieve colour of effects as close to reality as possible. But sadly that results in pretty unsaturated pictures that doesn’t feel satisfactory. However, I also don’t like to add effects or contrast to images to make them POP in your face.

I mean, yeah, it looks a heck lot nicer but I don’t like to do it that way.

Hence, I started a new album on fb where I’m currently editing quite a lot of pictures. To make it look like what I feel about it. Hopefully somehow my feelings will get across? Just an experiment to see if people can somehow understand how I feel about that image. So chances are that the colours are not how it looks like physically.


For example, I gave this image this look because it gives me an old, nostalgic feeling. I don’t know if you get it. But yeah.

Or like in this image,


I remember it to be a really bright and a bloody hot day. The sun was just burning on my skin.


This picture is like, when I looked up, and I get the sense of the vastness of the sky. And it’s like, ohh wow..

Oh well, hopefully I’ll be good enough one day to capture all these things down without resorting to trickery photoshop. For the moment, to show you the degree of editing that could be done. (or how much I’m practicing), here’s two images to compare



p.s. I try not to add any artsy effects (note: hipster) because, that kinda ruins the whole point. I don’t see the world in some pale green/yellow vignette. Nor do I see it in some ultra high contrast mode.

What is justice?

Please watch this video before you read my post. Or it would not make as much sense.
(I mean, if you’re going to read something as long as this, might as well just spend a little time to understand a little more about morality)

Okay firstly, I have watched the other videos up to episode 3. But for this post, I shall respond directly to this episode 1. My philosophy will still apply to the other videos I’ve watched so far. However, for the sake of simplicity. I will go with the case by case scenario with the video that I’ve posted.

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Plan B

This… is definitely going to be really confusing because there’s 3 stuffs that lead to this post.

1. A documentary I watched sometime ago.

2. Forgetting to go for the first paper.

3. Me walking home.

Here goes the hardest post I’m going to ever write. (because it’s going to take a heck lot of effort to link everything together)

So the documentary was about a guy who survived in the ocean for 3days. Without food or water, with no boat or whatsoever, just floating.

Basically, he was sky diving, but the plane he was on fucked up, and crashed into the ocean, they managed to jump off before the plane crashed. However, he was separated from his friends, and it’s really hard to get rid of the parachute because they’re in water. And apparently, all his friends died shortly after the jump and he was stranded all alone with nothing, literally nothing at all in the middle of the ocean.

He had no ways of communications, he had no rations, nothing. Just a chute that he had to cut away from (or he’ll get dragged down with it). He managed to find a piece of wood of some sort and clung onto it for as long as he can. But, as he floated towards what seems like land to him, he thought for very long but decided that, he had to abandon the log in order for him to swim there (too heavy). But by abandoning the log, he would lose his only support (which he had clung onto for 2days+)

Half way through swimming, he got scared, and swam back to the safety of the log. and he wasted precious energy. As time goes by, he realized that, he’s getting further and further away from the shore, and it was a do or die situation, he gathered all his courage to let go of the log, and swam as hard as he could towards the shore, but to no avail. He had given up all hope and just decided to let nature decide his fate. By some miracle, a fisherman happened to come pass and spotted him and rescued him, allowing him to live to tell the tale.

It is really really incredible, sadly I forgot what his name was.

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I forgot how awesome this song is. In the past, I used to just listen/sing to it without like, really trying to understand the lyrics. But after going Karaoke with my friends yesterday, I picked up some of the words and realized that this is a really really beautiful song.

The chinese is  a little, “sophisticated” so I’ll just translate it into english. (doesn’t make sense to translate into chinese again lol)

花已向晚 飘落了灿烂
凋谢的世道上 命运不堪
愁莫渡江 秋心拆两半
怕你上不了岸 一辈子摇晃
谁的江山 马蹄声狂乱
我一身的戎装 呼啸沧桑
天微微亮 你轻声地叹

(literal first)
Death of flower is nearing, falling is beautiful
Falling on the ground, unknowing fate
trouble crossing river, hear break into half
afraid that you’re unable to reach the shore, shaking your whole life
who’s world is this, the roar of the horse’s legs
i wear a glorified robe, and sigh about life
daylight is approaching, you sigh softly
as such is a night of irony

(now I TRY to give it it’s full meaning)
Even as a flower’s death is nearing, it falls with grace
The petals scatter on the pavement with uncertain fate
The dilemma of making a choice splits my aching heart in half
Worrying about your comfort, unable to shake your insecurities
Who can claim this land of war and death?
I wear the king’s robe, troubled and screaming in silence
You sigh softly as the down is approaching,
such is a night of sorrow and pain

Okay, I didn’t do a good job at it but that’s roughly what it means. Cause.. It’s a poem in chinese so it’s pretty darn hard to explain right it in english lol. I’m at a lost of words at the moment. Because, let me elaborate on just one part.

愁莫渡江 秋心拆两半

The first 4 words can mean either, a famous story whereby a guy was uncertain if he should cross the river for battle or not (3 kingdoms), or, the uncertainty in decisions in life, or that you can never know what’s ahead of you unless you walk the path in front of you. Then the remaining 4 words can either mean, your crushed heart is broken in half, or that it’s a word play. 秋心 is 愁 split into two halves. And 愁 means a troubled heart. So.. yeah, it’s really hard.

And that is precisely why I appreciate this song so much! (not to mention there are quite a few more verses lol)

I’m glad I’ve learnt Chinese.